Last Kid Gone? Time to Reclaim Your Home

You have spent the last eighteen to twenty years of your life making sure your home is perfect for your child, from babyproofing to creating a safe space for teens to hang out. Growing up they had everything they needed and you always put their needs above yours. Your home has reflected your children and their needs. Your decor has been based more on function than fun. Wave the last one goodbye as they fly the nest, have a good cry then let your creative juices flow. It’s time to reclaim your home. 


If you’re like me you have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to decorating ideas.  Things you love but you knew wouldn’t work with the kids in the house. Guess what! It’s time to put all those ideas to use.


I see you over there in a panic feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and having no clue where to start. It’s okay I am not suggesting you throw it all out and start from scratch. Purging your belongs is like getting a drastic haircut, never make that decision when you are in a fragile emotional state.



Let’s start with a few small changes that you can do this week.


Blinds, Curtains, and Drapes

One of the fastest and easiest ways to update any room is to change out the window coverings. Maybe your mini blinds have seen better days or maybe you are altogether tired of them. Then get rid of them. You can replace them with some nice roman shades or made even some sheers and drapes on a traverse rod. Maybe you’re like me and love the look of ornate iron rods with simple white sheers. Whatever your taste make sure to look for the best quality and the most trendy DRD’s Wooden Curtain Rods. Don’t settle for the ordinary be trendy and cutting edge. You know you want to. Get some red velvet drapes and black lace curtains. Go ahead make a statement to the outside world that you are reclaiming your house. 


Change Out the Lighting

Another quick and easy change is lighting.  You can get new shades or whole new lamps.  Change up from table lamps to floor lamps.  Switch out those 20-year-old lamps in your living room for some nice modern LED floor lamps. Add some twinkly fairy lights to your new curtains for a magical touch in your bedroom. Adding more lighting brightens up your room and makes your house more cheery.


Paint Everything

The quickest way for a dramatic change is to repaint the walls.  It doesn’t even have to be all the walls, you could just ad an accent wall in a deep rich color. You could even just paint the doors or the trim teal for an instant pop of color. Don’t be afraid to play with paint color. If you don’t like it you can always repaint.  Are you artistic? Paint a mural or even just some butterflies flutter down the hallway.  Don’t confine your painting to the inside of the house, paint some hanging pots or your front door. You can even paint your furniture. Have fun, get creative!



Plant a Glorious Garden

Your yard no longer has to serve as a playground so why not make it that outdoor space you have always wanted.  Plant some trees and put in a vegetable garden. Make an outdoor living area with comfortable furniture and a fire pit. You could have a quaint little pond with some coy, add some stylish decking and upgrade your furniture to something a little swankier. Turn your yard into your new entertainment area with a nice outdoor kitchen and a hot tub. Put a movie screen on your back fence, set up the projector, and invite all your friends over for movies and cocktails.  Put in a dance floor and go ballroom dancing in the moonlight, the possibilities are endless. 


Declutter and Clear Out

An important element of a home makeover is getting rid of old junk that you no longer need. Now is your chance to declutter and truly adopt a minimalistic attitude when it comes to interior design. You don’t need to have a house full of stuff for it to be homey. Get rid of the items you no longer need and it will be much easier to maintain and keep tidy in the future. 


Let me know if you tried any of these easy reclaiming tips

or share some of your own.



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