Landscaping Ideas for Families with Children


Any parent will probably tell you, that the two things they value most in life are their children and the home they’ve worked so hard to provide for them. While there is no comparison between them and if they had to choose between homeownership and parenting, you know they’d pick the kids every time! However, sometimes owning a home with kids in the family can be a real challenge from designing kid-friendly rooms to creating a safe enjoyable outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy.

Not only do you need to be concerned with the children’s safety but you also need to understand that kids can be extremely destructive, even when well attended. If you are wondering how to do a landscaping project that will be safe for the kids, provide areas where they can play yet design that lovely lawn and garden you’ve always dreamed of, these tips can help.


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Always Set Aside a Kids’ Play Area

For both the safety of your garden and your children, always set aside a kids’ play area. It is suggested that for younger children up to 7 or 8 years old you fence that segment so that it’s safe and secure. Kids are apt to chase after balls that go astray and this could spell disaster for your garden; it could also be dangerous if you live near a roadway. Also, think about the fun kids can have in their own play yard! You can host birthday parties out there to preserve the interior of your home while giving them a place to enjoy the fun and games.

For most kids, it’s fun to give them games and challenges to keep them busy. Remember, they do get bored easily even at parties. Why not check into such things as inflatable obstacle course rental which are available in a large number of sizes and a really great for parties. For smaller tykes, you can rent one that’s only a few feet long and perhaps only a couple of feet high while older kids (and adults!) would have more fun on one that perhaps ran almost the entire length of your home.


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Safety First

Safety should always be an important consideration when you are landscaping an area where children are likely to play. This is especially true when you have babies and toddlers. Think about the various surfaces of the area you are landscaping. Gravel may look pretty and be low maintenance, but it’s not nice for a crawling baby. The grass is a better choice, or even artificial turf if you prefer. Think about stairs, paths, walkways, and the need for landscape lighting to ensure no one trips and falls when outside at night.


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Water features are another factor to think about. Sure, we’d all love a nice big swimming pool or pond, but unless you can erect fencing, it’s not safe for little ones. You could, however, opt for a nice outdoor water fountain to provide that sound of running water without the dangers of a pool.


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Don’t Forget the Hardscaping Option

If you have an overly large yard, it can be difficult to keep manicured. Why not hardscape a sitting area for the adults with a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen like those that you can see here. Or how about a nice Zen rock garden with a meditative yoga space?  Create a large brick patio, and add some rugs and outdoor seating during the summer to create a nice family retreat. By creating hardscapes, you will be reducing your labor, saving time, and adding to the appeal of your landscaping.


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Finally, add some kids’ toys, such as a playhouse or climbing wall. You can even build a tree house. Let your imagination run wild and don’t’ forget to ask your children what they would like to have.



Whatever you decide to do to spruce up your yard and make it fun for your children, make sure that you create a space that can grow with your child. They only stay little for a very little while and their needs for exercise, activities, and safety change as their bodies grow.




6 thoughts on “Landscaping Ideas for Families with Children”

  1. These are fantastic ideas, thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to move into our own house so I can start gardening and landscaping! My kids would love helping me!

  2. My older 2 kids & I tried our best to grow flowers, esp around our mailbox but they never survived. Their much younger brother, who was 3 at the time, was thrilled many years later when Spring hit and I’m sure EVERY flower we had planted all those years before suddenly grew in all at once! A beautiful explosion of colors and different kinds all crowded in together around our purple mailbox!

  3. Good ideas, nice time of year to think about doing this, some drier weather is always helpful. With more people spending time at home now, this is very relevant.

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