Keeping Your Feet Healthy

There’s a lot to celebrate when you are a mature person. There’s so much to enjoy as you grow older and women that are nearing middle age are going to have a lot more options open for them than when they were younger. For example, they have worked hard for much of their life and now they get to enjoy that house on the hill, plenty of travel around the world and companies are far more trusting of you. However, the one thing that we all have to deal with is our bodies changing. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, there will be signs that our bodies are starting to slow down. One of the clearer signs will be how our skin and bone reacts to one another. The muscle structure will be less dense and might be getting looser around the bone. This means a few challenges, but nothing that we can’t cope with. Unfortunately, one area is overlooked in this regard, and that’s our feet.



Piercing into the side


Do you feel a tender area on the side of your big toes? It’s in the same spot for both, isn’t it? Well, this could be the onset of an ingrown toenail. This is a tricky condition to understand the cause of, but the treatment is very simple. This usually occurs when you’re not cutting the nails with straight edges in the form of a square. The jagged edge pierces into the side of our skin and then carries on growing into our flesh. It’s painful because we have a piece of bone which is what nails are, rupturing muscle tissue and causing bleeding and pressure to build up inside. Go to the doctor and they can perform the waking surgery. The big toe is numbed and then the nail is cut out of the flesh. After this, a solution is poured into the area to kill the cells that grow the nail into the side. The healing process takes a few weeks and then the results are permanent.


Under the nail


Bacteria build up on the foot is actually quite common. We wear socks for most of the day which means sweat accumulates underneath our toenails and all around our feet. It can cause conditions like fungal nails which turns the nail a yellow hue and often creates a multilayered surface. The body is trying to fight back by making the surface of the nail tougher and stop the spread of the bacteria but the problem is underneath the nail. So something like fungal nail eliminator treatment is going to do the trick. This kind of product is one that will show results within 7 days. It’s a formula of 100% SeaBerry grown in the far reaches of Tibet. You don’t want to have a fungal nail for too long as it can weaken the skin and the nail and cause discomfort just by touching the area.


Getting older has many perks but multiple challenges too. Where our skin meets bone is going to be the most visible changes in our bodies, especially our feet.


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  1. I keep my feet pretty, I do my own pedicures and do funky colors and designs. My granddaughter loves getting her toes done!

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