Keeping Your neighbors Warm with #Scrapgan

Keeping Neighbors Warm with a #Scrapghan




As the weather turns colder there is nothing I like more than curling up with a nice warm crochet project, a cup of cocoa, and a good movie.  Since I stopped smoking a few years ago, I have become obsessed with crocheting.  It gives me something for my hands to do during down times like waiting at the doctor’s office or watching TV.


Waffles and the #Scrapgan


With so many projects, I end up with lots of scraps of yarn, small amounts that are leftover from a project but not enough for another project.  Once in a while, I end up with full skeins because I order my yarn online, and occasionally once it arrives I just don’t really like the yarn I ordered for the specific project.  After a few months of projects, I end up with a storage box full of scraps and leftovers.

With all this yarn, I make a scrapghan. It’s an afghan with no real pattern or special design.  Basically, I make a large size throw using up all the leftover yarn. It’s always a surprise what it’s going to look like because I use all types and thickness of yarn from sparkly metallics to pipsqueak fluffiness.  The variation of yarn makes for a wonderful sensory experience.

#Scrapgan Closeup

Clover Soft Touch Hooks are my favorite

Once I complete a scrapghan, I give it to a local homeless person so they can keep warm in the cold weather.  You don’t have to crochet to do this, you can knit or quilt and use your leftovers to make blankets and throws to give to the homeless in your community.

In addition to scrapghans, I also make scarves, hats, gloves, and baby blankets that I give away to people in need in my community.

Do you craft?

How do you give back to your community with your hobby?

Let me know in the comments.

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#scrapgan I use my #yarn scraps to make #afgans and give them to people who are #homeless #givingkindness

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7 thoughts on “Keeping Neighbors Warm with a #Scrapghan”

  1. i dont knit but wish i did. i collected a lot of yarn for someone to knit blankets for the shelter dogs. but then no one came thru to come and get the yard to knit the blankets.

    1. Most people never think of the huge difference something like this can make in a person’s life. Not only does it help with keeping warm it also shows that someone cares enough to make something for them.

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