Josephine's Diary

Josephine’s Diary

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Dearest Diary,

Today I walked to the store with Millie. It was a glorious day full of spring blooms and birds singing. It was the kind of day a girl could fall in love.  Upon arriving at the store, we found Jeremiah was tending the counter. Talking to him always makes me tongue-tied. Millie giggled as I tried to remember mother’s order which just made it all worse. Sometimes, I hate Millie so much, but then she looks into my eyes and I feel the butterflies. I’m not sure why but I feel as if I can never truly stay mad at Millie no matter how much she chides me about that stupid Jeremiah.

Millie is my best friend and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather spend my time with. Mother thinks it’s unnatural the amount of time we spend together but I am just not interested in Jeremiah or any other boy for that matter. I don’t dream of getting married and having babies, I dream of living in the city with Millie and having careers. Mother says that’s nonsense that every young girl wants to get married and have babies, that I just haven’t found the right boy.  She says I’ll know he’s the right one because I will feel the butterflies when he looks into my eyes. Mother doesn’t know that I have butterflies with Millie. I don’t think she would understand. I don’t even understand.


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  1. I kept a journal for years but stopped for some reason. I think it would be interesting to look back and read one’s diary…or for your descendants to read it many years from now.

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