Is Your Home Décor Dated?


Dated decor can devalue your home and make it feel tired. There may even be practical disadvantages to some old decor trends (hence the reason they’re no longer in fashion!). Of course, it’s up to you as to how you decorate your home – the following decor trends may bring you joy, in which case you should keep them. However, if you don’t like your decor and are looking for a change, these may be the decor features that you want to update.


Floral furniture

The floral furniture trend came about in the 50s. By the 70s and 80s, everything in homes was floral from wallpaper to curtains. However, by the early 00s, floral decor had started to become kitsch. It’s best to keep floral patterns to a minimum as they can often provide too much overwhelming texture to a room. Floral furniture is one of the biggest sins and is certain to grannify any living room. Consider upgrading to contemporary furniture. Neutral colors and textures are the safest options for furniture like sofas. 


Net curtains

Net curtains are designed to let light in while providing privacy. But like floral decor, they’ve lost their charm over the years, often adding too much texture to your windows. You’re better off choosing voile curtains, blinds or tinted windows if you want to maintain privacy while letting light in.


Popcorn ceilings

Continuing on with the idea of ‘too much texture’, popcorn ceilings are another decor trend that has fallen out of favor. These ceilings have a bumpy texture and usually consist of lumps of polystyrene painted over. Once the paint starts to fade, they can look particularly ugly, and they’re a hassle to repaint. The only benefit of popcorn ceilings is that they do help absorb sound through your ceiling.


Wood Paneling

In the 60s and 70s, wood paneling could be found in almost every neighborhood. You won’t find wood paneling in many homes nowadays, as it’s often seen as old-fashioned and gloomy. Unless you live in a wood cabin, avoid whole rooms of wood-paneled walls. If you are going to opt for a wood-paneled statement wall, consider using a lighter wood tone rather than a dark one.

Tile countertops

Tiled countertops went through a brief fad in the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, they’re less desired. The big issue with tiled countertops is that they’re a nightmare to clean – the grouting can easily collect food debris and mold. Choose any other countertop style beyond tiles. 


Shag carpets

Shag carpets are nice to sink one’s toes into, but they’re impossible to keep clean. If you’re going to put carpet in a room, stick to a short-pile carpet. Shag rugs can still have their place in homes under sofas or beside beds – consider these as another alternative. 


Word art

Word art is one of the latest decor trends to die, having seen its heyday in the 00s. Wall stickers spelling out ‘family’ and wooden plaques spelling out ‘live laugh love’ have become so common that they’re lost their sentimental meaning and now feel tacky. Avoid word art in your home. 


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