Is My Dog Sick?

Unfortunately, pets get sick from time to time, just like their owners. And when this happens, it is critical that you lookout for the signs so that you can quickly solve the problem. But what exactly does a sick dog look like? How can you tell if they’re ill and need medical assistance instead of just tired or lazy? Let’s take a look. 


They Have Bad Breath


You might say that dogs always have bad breath – and you’d be right. But if you notice that it is worse than usual, it could be a sign of infection. Dog’s natural breath should be bad, but it shouldn’t be appalling. You shouldn’t find yourself feeling nauseous when you smell it. If you are, then they may have a problem with their teeth, tongue, or even an infection lower down in their digestive tract. Remember, dogs have a habit of eating just about anything that might pass as food (as well as a lot of things that don’t). And so they’re quite prone to diseases and infections. 

They’re Losing Weight


Losing weight is a serious issue for a dog, especially if you haven’t changed their feeding routine. It is a sign that there is something wrong in their stomach or that they have a serious disease – perhaps cancer. Making the link between weight loss and infection can sometimes be challenging. So your best bet is to try formulations that remove parasites. If these don’t work, then it could be a more serious issue requiring medical attention. 

Their Bowel Movements Are Upset


As a pet owner, you get used to your animal’s bowel movements. When they change, therefore, it can cause a lot of worry and concern. Sometimes, their stools will be problematic for a day or two. But if they have a more serious stomach complaint, they can have runny stools for much longer, often accompanied by weight loss.


If diarrhea continues for more than a couple of days, seek veterinary help. Your dog may have a serious stomach infection and require medication and rehydration. 


Their Eyes Are Cloudy Or Red


Dogs should have bright eyes. If they look cloudy or red, however, it could be a sign of infection or cataracts. 


They Can’t Climb The Stairs


Dogs should be able to climb the stairs quickly, without much effort at all. But if they’re feeling sick, they may struggle to put one paw in front of the other. If their energy is low, that can really affect them in ways that many owners don’t expect.


Lack of energy can result from all sorts of things. To discover the root cause, you’ll need to get a blood test done and take them to the vet for a physical examination. Sometimes the problem is thyroid-related. Dogs, just like people, can produce too much or too little thyroxine, and that can lead to behavioral changes. 


They may also need an electrolyte test to check their nutrition and ensure that they’re not suffering from dehydration. 

2 thoughts on “Is My Dog Sick?”

  1. We lost our beloved Yorkie 8 years ago. Our Vet had passed away and the “substitute Vet” just wasn’t on top of his condition. This was on a Saturday morning. On Monday morning we took him back and a different Vet was on duty. She immediately had us take him to Emergency service that performed several tests and gave us the bad news. How I wish he could have told us what was wrong and how long he was suffering.

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