Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Old Furniture?

There are many instances when it’s worth getting rid of your old furniture. However, there are also instances in which you may want to cling to a sofa or wardrobe. This post asks a few questions to help you determine whether it’s time to get rid of your old furniture. 

Is it damaged – and, if so, is it worth repairing?

Over time, furniture can get damaged. Scratches may appear, stains may develop that cannot be shifted or sofa cushions may lose their plushness. Once your furniture starts to become damaged, it may start to bring down the appearance of your home. Some furniture may even become so broken that it can no longer carry out its purpose such as a chair with a broken leg or a cabinet with broken shelves. 

Sometimes it’s possible to repair this furniture and get more life out of it. However, this isn’t always worthwhile. It’s best to consider the value of your furniture and how long you’ve had it. If a cheap used sofa you bought for $100 has broken after two years, it may not be worth getting it repaired. If a new sofa you bought for $2000 is broken after two years, repairs will likely be worthwhile (especially if you’re still paying off finance or covered by a warranty).

You may be able to make certain repairs yourself, however, in other cases, it may be worth hiring a professional. When it comes to antique furniture, it’s often worth paying for antiques restoration and refinishing services to retain the value of your furniture. You can also pay for upholstery repair services to fix designer sofas and armchairs.

Does it suit your lifestyle?

Certain furniture may be worth parting with if it no longer suits your lifestyle. For example, a silk sofa can be a great luxury item to have in a home if you have no kids or pets. If you do decide to have children or adopt dogs and cats, this sofa will not last long. A material like leather or microfiber is likely to be better suited as it is more scratch-proof and easy to clean.

You may decide that you can overcome these issues without replacing furniture (such as adding throws over the top of a silk sofa or not letting dogs on the sofa), however, you will have to be strict about protecting it.

Is it a suitable size and shape?

A good reason to get rid of furniture could be because it is not the right size or shape for your home. When reconfiguring your home or moving home, you may realize that certain furniture does not fit your new layout or home. For example, a large dining table that worked well in its original room may be too big to fit in a new room or new home.

Finding new space-efficient furniture could be essential for keeping your home roomy and uncluttered. There are all kinds of space-saving furniture options that you can look into from fitted wardrobes to fold-away tables to murphy beds. 

Does it look dated or out of place?

Certain styles of old furniture now look dated. Examples of dated furniture include floral-patterned sofas and metal-framed beds. These features could be worth getting rid of if you want to make your home feel more modern. 

Certain styled furniture may meanwhile look out of place. Certain colors and styles may clash with their surroundings. An example could include a beige armchair next to a black sofa. In some cases, furniture may not suit the period of your home. In this case, it could also be worth getting rid of this furniture. 

Can you afford new furniture?

It’s possible you may be getting rid of surplus furniture, in which case a replacement isn’t necessary. However, if you’re planning to replace furniture, you should think about the cost of a new item.

You should be careful about buying new furniture on finance if you’re still paying off a loan on old furniture. While finance can be a convenient way of paying for brand new furniture, the debts can add up over time if you’re not careful.

Set a tight budget before you go furniture shopping. If you can’t afford anything you like, consider taking the time to save up. When buying new furniture, always try to buy items when they’re discounted rather than buying them a full-price – furniture stores are renowned for their frequent sales.

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