Is Assisted Living a Good Choice for You?

It may get to a time in your own life, or in the life of a loved one, where you will have to make some changes to the living situation that you or your loved one are in. There can become a point where it is not sustainable to live on your own, but it can be hard to decide what the next step should be. Assisted living is one of the options you could pick.

Assisted living is a type of housing designed for people who need various levels of medical and personal care. Living spaces can be individual rooms, apartments, or shared quarters. The facilities generally provide a home-like setting and are physically designed to promote the resident’s independence. Services are offered to assist residents with daily living. WebMD


There are some feelings of trepidation about ‘needing’ to move into assisted living, but there are many benefits that mean that it is an excellent option to consider:


Someone is always there

One of the benefits of assisted living facilities is there is always someone around when you need them. This means that if you need help doing specific daily tasks like dressing, bathing, or taking your medication, someone can assist you. Help with these tasks can help you to continue living your life as you would, just with a little extra assistance that you wouldn’t get in your own home.

The care that you need is always there, but it is at a level that you need. It allows you to have a great quality of life without having to go into a nursing home when you don’t need full-time care, just a little assistance here and there.

Meals are provide

Meals are provided so that you don’t need to worry about cooking for yourself. The meals provided will usually have all the nutrients that older people need to stay healthy, but with enough variety, so things don’t get boring. Depending on the facility all three meals may be provided or you may have the option of preparing meals in your apartment. Either way, if you don’t feel like cooking you don’t have to.  Just go into the dining room and the food is waiting for you.

Chores are done for you

Not only are meals provided, but all other chores are done for you too. There are cleaners to keep the place clean and always someone to do maintenance jobs. There is no need for you to worry about the day to day jobs; all you need to worry about is having fun. Without all these chores and maintenance tasks to do, you will have more time to focus on the things you enjoy and want to do.


There are people to socialize with

As you get older, it is common for people to grow lonelier and become at risk for depression. At an assisted living facility, there are plenty of people to mingle with, and it is encouraged. There are many classes and events that you can choose to take part in. These activities will be scheduled every day, with enough choice to keep things varied. You could find yourself developing a new hobby or having the time to improve on something that you used to do, and the best thing is that you won’t feel isolated.

There is still privacy

One of the great things about assisted living is that you still have your privacy. You may not have your own house anymore, but you will have your own room or apartment that you don’t have to share with anyone else. When you have had enough of socializing and find yourself wanting a bit of time to yourself, you can head off to your room for a bit of peace and quiet. If you visit Chesapeake Manor’s website, you’ll see that private rooms in assisted living facilities can be luxurious and comfortable places to live. It is the best of both worlds. 


You have spent a lifetime cleaning and cooking for your family, why not enjoy the rest of your life by letting someone else take care of the everyday chores.  By choosing to move into an assisted living facility you retain your independence, gain freedom from mundane chores, but have a helping hand ready when you need it.


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