Inexpensive Ways To Raise Your Home’s Value Before Selling

You’ve finally decided to sell your home, and that’s taken tremendous stress off your shoulders.  There’s such a massive amount of money in real estate, and you want to make sure you can get every penny possible to put towards your next home.


Some changes that may be seemingly small can offer huge returns on how much a buyer thinks your house is worth.  Here are some tips to boost the perceived worth of your property that almost anyone can undertake.


Fresh Face

It’s simple but tried and true.  Giving your home a new coat of paint allows potential buyers to ignore that anyone else has lived there.  This house is unique to them. Making it seem clean and modern feeds the fantasy of them being the first owner.


If you have plantation shutters, a painted door, or a porch, be sure to update all of these with new paint.  Go for a color scheme that suits your area, while avoiding anything that will alienate buyers.  For instance, in Tucson, you could get away with bright, beautiful colors, but those looking at Vancouver homes for sale are more likely to want muted tones. You want your home to stand out but not be an eyesore. 



Garden and Yard

Your yard is the frame for the home.  The state of your grass and flower beds have to give off a sense of ease and beauty.  Something too complicated may scare buyers away, worried about the work that goes into them- while bare yards can have the same effect.  Bright, freshly cut, green grass and well-tended local flowers give off a classic and well cared for look.

It’s all about curb appeal. You want a buyer to instantly picture themselves living in the home the moment they drive up.  You want them to be excited about going into the house. You want the front of the house to look inviting and welcoming.


Light Fixtures and Door Knobs

Small changes, like replacing doorknobs, and light fixtures, freshen the entire feeling of your house.  Instead of a buyer walking through and seeing all of the things they need to replace, they’ll be looking to see how their furniture will fit into space.  Don’t give them any excuse to focus on something they need to change, make it so that they’ll feel like they’re upgrading their lives by buying and moving in.

Changing out what I like to call the kitchen and bathroom ‘jewelry’ can really make a difference.  By replacing all the knobs, handles, and drawer pulls you can totally change the look of the room. You can also replace your faucets and showerhead with a more modern style like oiled bronze or brushed nickel and get knobs and handles to match.


Deep Clean and Declutter

This ties into each of the previous tips.  Scrub your home down from top to bottom inside and out. Do this before you paint, before you replace anything.  Renting a power washer is a great way to ensure your sidewalks look new, and if you own a brick home, it can achieve the same fresh face that houses with siding get from paint.

If your carpet is old, replace it or deep clean it. If the floors under your carpet are good, then remove the carpet.  Hardwood floors are a big plus when selling a home. Scrub down windows, baseboards, sinks, tubs, every surface you can.  If you can’t afford to hire a service to help with this, you may be able to convince some friends to help out by enticing them with food and drinks. Have a cleaning or paint party

While you are doing this deep clean, take the time to declutter and depersonalize your home. Buyers want to picture themselves in the rooms, not your family. Remove photos, knickknacks, and mementos.  Think upscale hotel room.  Clean, spacious, and free from personal items.



Anything negative that buyers focus on takes away from their perceived value of your home.  You’re not just selling an empty building: you’re selling a lifestyle and home to someone. They’re going to want to see how their lives will unfold in the house- it’s your job to show it to them.



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