Improving The Transparency Of Your Small Business

One of the most exciting aspects of running your own business is that of determining what your company ethos will be. This can be defined even if you’re a small, plucky business just trying to make your way and curate a little market share for themselves.


This is especially true if you’ve been working in an industry as a salaried professional for some time, as you know the ins, outs, ethical successes and failings, as well as the gaps in the market that you need to try and plug. Often, new firms have the flexibility and freedom to define their processes anew, be that committing to sustainability, or leveraging the power of a shrewd, bottom-level understanding of an industry, something that even established firms can struggle with from time to time.


Improving the transparency of your small business, then, means more than you may recognize. It may even inspire the next round of businesses that take precedence over you in the future. But before we begin thinking of lofty outcomes, let’s discuss how to achieve this approach, to begin with:


Share Your Business Blog


Running a business blog is a great means by which to discuss and promote the thinking currently employed as part of your business. This can be helped by discussing your thoughts on the industry, challenges you’re facing as a business, your product development timeline, announcements and events to expect, and more. It can also serve as a great place for business advice or discussing your inspirations. This way, your supporters will no doubt feel more connected to you as a firm, and you have the chance to curate an audience via that transparent effort.


Post Your Vision Statement Publicly


It’s a great idea to post your vision statement online, perhaps via a PPT to PDF conversion, hosted on your website. This way, you can discuss what your plans are for the year ahead, what the fundamental values of your company are, what challenges you expect, and how you can think in a visionary manner in order to achieve those aims. Businesses that freely express their motivations and concerns, as well as their goals for achieving in necessary fields like sustainability, seem so much more competent and interesting compared to firms that keep this a mystery.


Write Up End-Of-Year Reports


As vision statements can offer a brilliant means of showcasing your plans for the future more generally, we’d also recommend writing end-of-year reports, discussing where things may have succeeded, what challenges you faced, who made it happen this year and the growth of your operation. This, coupled with warm holiday wishes, can be a beautiful means by which to cap off the year and can help customers and clients alike feel as though they’re still part of the story of your brand. It’s hard not to root for anyone or any team that is being honest and plucky about their progress, as well as remaining willing to share that with their supporters.


With this advice, we hope you can continue to improve the transparency of your small business.

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