4 Ideas For Your Child’s Room When They Move Out

You may not have given much consideration to what you’re going to do with the extra space in your home when your child moves out. However, after you get past the first shock of this and realize that you’ve been given an opportunity to improve your home, numerous inventive ideas might spring to mind. If you’re stuck on coming up with these ideas, don’t worry; read on, and you’ll see a few to get you started. 

A Proper Guest Room

Turning your child’s former bedroom into a proper, grown-up guest room is a fantastic idea. This is particularly useful for houses with no alternative guest rooms; now you can offer somewhere for friends and family to stay that you would never have been able to before. Perhaps your child will visit more often if they don’t feel as though they’re in their original room, and your parents might choose to stay with you rather than at a hotel the next time they visit. You can leave the bed in the room while storing any emotional, special things or large, superfluous furniture in small storage units. A guest room is a wonderful way to turn the room into a usable place without upsetting your child too much.


A Home Gym

It may be a cliché, but turning that spare room into a gym for you and your family is an excellent use of space. It’s an ideal way to keep your workout equipment from taking up valuable space in the rest of your home or even in your garage. 


We all know we have to exercise every day, but knowing it and doing it aren’t the same thing. The convenience of having everything in one place – in your own home – might encourage you to work out more often; it’s much less of a hardship, plus you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. In order to get your daily exercise in and enjoy the process, add a fan and a small TV on the wall, for example. 


A Home Office 

You or your spouse may need a home office, but perhaps right now, you’re making do with the kitchen table or even your bed. If you prefer to work in an office rather than a room that other people are using, or that isn’t set up in the most productive way, your child’s old bedroom might work out just right. 


By adding a desk, chair, and storage to the room, whoever needs it will be able to focus on work without interruption from the rest of the family. This is an excellent solution for those who need a little space for work but have nowhere to go right now. 


A Hobby Room

Over the course of our lives, we all develop interests and pick up new hobbies. If you currently have to keep everything linked to your hobby in boxes in the shed or garage, wouldn’t an entire room to devote to it be better? If so, consider moving your hobby area inside and into your child’s old bedroom. This will provide you the flexibility to spread out your stuff and actually enjoy your hobby rather than being on edge because you have to pack it all away all the time. 

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