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As a parent, one of the most important things you can teach your children is to eat healthily. Teach them a love of all things fresh and nutritious.

There are many things we need to teach kids as they grow. One of the things HueTrition wants to do is to help your kids learn about nutrition and cooking! They make it fun and easy with HuePets!

HuePets 2.0 is a digital-first program that consists of:

  1. A FREE mobile app that turns daily healthy eating into a game- new characters!
  2. The app is tied to a website that allows medical professionals, teachers, family, and friends to view a patients or kids dashboard of colorful choices and even assign rewards!
  3. HuePets will feature educational materials and giveaways
  4. HuePets educational promotional materials and collectibles—including the Huey Bundle: first edition Huey Plushie, HuePets coloring book, and HuePets lunch-bag.  Click here to reserve the bundle.

We are so excited that the Hue Plushie will work with the FREE HuePets app that will encourage them to eat healthy foods. We hope Huey and the app will help even your pickiest eater eat more nutritious foods!

The App makes it fun for kids to eat healthy and try new foods! Scan real-life meals to feed your HuePet™, unlocking prizes and raising your pet from a little egg to a HueMaster! Click here to learn more.

The goal of this app is to encourage the balanced, active, and healthy lifestyle that includes a daily variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Ideally, 6 colors (at least 5 servings per day) from an early age while encouraging sensible choices for the planet.

Criteria for HueApproved Foods:

  • Real food
  • As wholesome as possible
  • Pronounceable ingredients, fewer the better
  • Color-packed fuel to color your world


Download The HuePets App

HuePets truly is a fun, motivational tool that might just have your kids saying, “More fruits and veggies, please!”



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  1. I have been known to “hide” things in dinner.

  2. I encourage healthy eating by having less snacks and sugar in the house.

  3. My daughter is young, so doesn’t have much of a choice. I try to mostly present healthy options though.

  4. I puree vegetables into my sauces.

  5. It was pretty easy. I limited the amount of junk food that was brought in the house. We shopped together, so I showed them better choices. But mostly by being a good example. My sons are grown now but they exercise regularly & make good food choices still.

  6. I just try to keep healthier snacks around. When there are fewer poor choices around it is so much easier.

  7. I make the grandkids eat their lunch and then I will give them a snack afterwards.

  8. I make the vegtables and fruit into designs that the kids will love and i also make mashed potatoes whihc is actually cauliflower so they get their vegtable

  9. I only keep healthy snacks in the house.

  10. I started them off very young by eating healthy so they’ve always loved fruits and veggies!

  11. It has never been a problem for me.. that is all I served so that is all they knew and so in turn my grandchildren were treated to the same nutrition..

  12. No kids. I keep junk food out of the house. I eat lots of fruits & veggies.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. I always make sure to have fresh fruit and veggies prepared and ready to munch. Grazing can be healthy !

  14. I always have plenty of fresh fruit set out on the counter when the Grandkids come over.

  15. I sneak them into other foods, I cut up fruits and veggies and decorate them or put them on a stick. I find that decorating them helps.

  16. by trying to make it fun and to discover new textures

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