How To Travel When You Don’t Want To Fly


When most people think of traveling nowadays, the first thought is usually to fly, but for many people, this isn’t actually an option – at least not a desirable one.


From those who are afraid of flying, to those who have other fears such as small spaces, which most planes definitely have a lot of, and even those who deal with things like motion sickness or are getting something like tinnitus treatment, flying can be an absolute nightmare – especially since if you need to throw up or you feel like your balance is off, then you can’t just stop a plane as you would in a car and get outside for some fresh air, so flying is often something that people will do only if they feel they really have to and not because they choose to travel this way because they think it will be quicker or easier.


However, the good news is there are definitely other options available, so in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the ways you can travel when you don’t particularly want to fly for whatever reason.

By car:


The first and most accessible alternative to flying is to drive somewhere since this is generally the easier option, and although it’s going to take a lot longer it can be a great alternative in so many other ways such as it being a lot cheaper and a lot less stressful since it’s not going to be something that really requires a lot of schedules and timetables.


By train:


If you’re not able to drive somewhere or you simply prefer not to, then the next best option is to go by train. Trains are one of the best ways of transport since they basically connect every part of the world in some way or another and this means that even though it can take a while and is often not the most comfortable, it can be a relaxing and reliable way to get where you’re going without much hassle.


By bus:


Although traveling by bus may not be the most comfortable or enjoyable option on the planet, it can definitely be a good alternative for someone who’s not really sold on the idea of flying and the great thing about buses is that they connect most major towns and cities and even countries nowadays for a fraction of the cost of either a train or taking a flight.

By boat:


Traveling somewhere by boat could easily be seen as one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to travel – especially for longer distances, however, depending on where you’re going, it’s not the most practical option when compared to things like driving or taking a train or bus, so although it’s definitely worth looking into, it’s not really something to set your heart on too much if you’re not able or willing to fly and are looking for an alternative that would make you feel comfortable. This is not to say that traveling by boat is impossible, but unless you own a yacht or are planning a cruise to go a longer distance, then the options for general boat travel are quite limited.

Don’t let a fear of flying keep you from traveling.

If there is a will there is a way and you will find your way.


2 thoughts on “How To Travel When You Don’t Want To Fly”

  1. There are many beautiful sights and cities here in the U.S., and plenty of ways to reach them without walking through body scanners and hurtling through the atmosphere. If you want to get out of your geographic area and see another part of the country, Amtrak has an entire page dedicated to deals. If you don’t have a car or don’t want to subject it to a cross-country trek, you can consider renting a car with unlimited miles — or even an RV — and plotting a course to some must-see sights.

  2. These are great ideas for ways to travel if you don’t want to fly, I can’t stand flying! I personally love traveling by car, road trips can be so much fun! I also really enjoy being able to make stops and really enjoy nature and all of the cool sights to see along the way.

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