How To Stay Well & Be Happy Working As A Nurse

Working as a nurse is a very rewarding job but can also be quite demanding and taxing of a career. You may work a lot of strange hours and feel a bit overwhelmed when you’re first starting out and learning the job.

What’s most important is that you feel your best so you can perform well and get noticed for all your hard work. The good news is that there are tips that you can apply to help you stay well and be happy working as a nurse so you can thrive and maintain your health in the process.

Exercise Frequently

Stay well and be happy working as a nurse by exercising frequently. Exercise will boost your mood and help you get into and stay in better physical shape. There are many activities you can do based on your interests and what you have time for each day. Working out is an excellent way to reduce and manage your stress and keep you processing your emotions in a healthy manner. It’s a great way to start or end your day and will provide you with an extra boost of energy you need to work those long hours.

Groom Yourself

You may find it difficult to perform your duties or feel good about yourself if you roll out of bed and head right to work. Stay well and be happy working as a nurse by committing to grooming yourself daily. Hop in the shower, do your hair and makeup, and trim your nails so they’re presentable. One of the best parts about being a nurse is that you get to wear scrubs. Nowadays you can choose and wear the ones that you like best based on color and style. Consider shopping for options at Uniform Advantage and investing in nursing clothes that catch your attention and that you’ll feel good wearing. There are even festive ones you can buy for the holidays and other celebrations.

Be Eager to Learn

You may find your nursing job to be more gratifying when you dive in and are engaged in what you’re doing. Stay well and be happy working as a nurse by being eager to learn and grow. Find opportunities to take on new challenges or take courses and classes so you can learn new information. Expand your skills and knowledge and you’ll likely find that you’re happier at work and feel good when you’re excelling and moving onto new and better tasks and responsibilities. If you stay in one place for too long you may get bored so be willing to step outside your comfort zone every so often.

Build Connections with Coworkers & Patients

You may begin to not like your job if you feel lonely or alone while at work. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to focus on building connections with coworkers and patients. Be friendly and open and get to know those you work with and you’re helping. You may discover that you can learn a lot from others and that there are people at your workplace that you have common ground with and who understand you. You may look forward to coming to work each day if there are patients and coworkers that you bond and mesh well with and who you find encouraging and uplifting.  

Get Enough Sleep & Rest

You risk making silly mistakes or being moody if you’re overtired. You can stay well and be happy working as a nurse by getting enough sleep and rest each day and night. It may require you to find a quiet place at work to put your feet up and rest if you’re working odd hours. Configure your bedroom at home for getting good sleep so you can come home and relax once your shift is over. It may require you to have to turn down social events or activities with friends but remind yourself that having enough sleep is essential to you functioning at your job and achieving success in your career.

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Eat foods that improve your mood and well-being if you want to be healthy and happy working as a nurse. You risk feeling sluggish and gaining weight if you’re always eating the treats and snacks that are in the break room. Avoid eating out as much as possible and instead, bring your own snacks and lunch to work. You’ll have more control over what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating at each sitting this way. If you’re an anxious person then you may want to limit your caffeine intake and choose foods that help reduce these feelings so you can feel your best at work. Consume more vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, and eggs, and stay away from sugar and saturated fats best you can.

Focus on the Positives

Not all your days at work will be good ones but you can likely find at least one aspect that went well in each day. Stay well and be happy working as a nurse by focusing on the positives and what’s going well for you. Concentrate on what skills and abilities you have and that you bring to the table and the ways you’re making an impact on your team and at your workplace. Listen when patients or coworkers give you positive feedback and take it to heart. Remind yourself that you will make mistakes but instead of getting down about them, use them as opportunities to learn and grow. Be kind to yourself and review all your past achievements and successes whenever you need a boost of confidence.

Spend Time in Nature

Being stuck inside all day working can make you feel down or restless. Therefore, find times to step away during your breaks or lunch and spend some time in nature. You may also want to do so when you get home from work as a way to calm down and slow your mind. For instance, you can work in your garden or go for a walk or hike. Stay well and be happy working as a nurse by taking advantage of all nature has to offer. Unplug from technology once in a while and soak up the beautiful sights and warm sunshine and notice how you quickly experience a positive improvement in your mood.

Practice Meditation

Nursing is a tough job and it may take a toll on your mental health over time if you’re not careful. You can stay healthy and well and will be happier working as a nurse when you practice meditation. Meditating is an excellent way to slow racing thoughts and get in better touch with what’s going through your mind. The best part is that you can do it anywhere you choose when you have a few minutes by using an app on your phone. Meditation can be tricky at first so give yourself some time to adjust to it and be patient as you work on settling down and focusing on the present moment. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or anxious at work then you can always practice deep breathing exercises at work too and no one will even notice.

Create A Happy Space at Work

Hospitals can be busy places and there may be a lot going on constantly. Sometimes all you need is a short break away from others and your tasks to regroup and recharge. Stay well and be happy working as a nurse when you recognize when you need to step away and then do it. Create your own happy space or place at work where you can go to take a few breaths and relax. It’s a chance to take a few minutes away from rushing around and doing and to simply be. You’ll likely return to your job ready to tackle your next to-do and will have a more positive mindset.

Keep A Journal

You may have a lot of thoughts going through your mind on any given day and not always have a chance to process them. One way you can release your emotions and stay well and happy is by keeping a journal. You can bring it with you wherever you go and jot down notes and thoughts as your day unfolds. Use it not only to write down your problems or what’s bothering you but also what you’re thankful and grateful for daily. Having gratitude will help you feel well and alive and bring you long-lasting joy. You’ll begin to focus on what you do have and what’s going right instead of what’s lacking or missing in your life or at work.


These tips and ideas will help you stay well and be happy working as a nurse so that you can enhance your performance and continue to love what you do. You’ll feel better overall and will be able to focus more intently on the task at hand. Apply this advice and you’ll likely discover that you not only feel your best but that you enjoy each day more and find your work and being a nurse more fulfilling and gratifying. 

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