How to Protect Children from Parasitic Infections

Children are very sensitive and unaware, so the adults need to be responsible and protect them from any harm. With such a delicate immune system, children tend to catch parasitic infections quite often. There are several reasons why children catch infections sooner than adults:

  • They do not know the causes of infections and thus, cannot protect themselves.
  • They are exposed to an open environment in school where they hang out with other kids who might have infections.
  • Being playful, they are exposed to dirt and the environment much more than adults.
  • They are in a developing stage and thus, their immune system is still weak as compared to the adults.
  • They are fond of eating food which is not so healthy and can cause different types of infections.

If adults are responsible, they can protect their children from all kinds of health problems. Of course, you cannot prevent all of it, but at least with proper precautions and prevention methods, these infections can be limited. Moreover, as parents, it is your sole responsibility to protect other children if your child is infected. Do not send your child to school or the park if he has an infection, or it can spread to other kids as well.


Following are some preventive methods through which parents can protect their children from infections and diseases:

Understand Parasitic Infections:

Before teaching your children about infections and their preventions, it is very important to understand them yourself first.  Our body contains millions of bacteria and other microorganisms which help in the functioning of our body like digestion, absorption, etc. The problem arises when other parasites or microorganisms enter our bodies and begin to disrupt their functioning. They can enter through various means; food, water, dirt, through infected people, etc. and cause diseases like diarrhea, fever, constipation, itching, headache, etc. Although most of these parasites are invisible to the naked eye and we cannot run away from them, we can still guard our bodies and make it strong enough to fight these harmful parasites.

Do a Parasitic Cleanse:

Once you understand how parasites work, you can then go on to prevent them. One of the healthiest ways to stay away from them is by doing a parasite cleansing at least once a year. It involves detoxifying your child’s body with the help of supplements and diet which flushes the parasites out of their body. Make your child stay away from food that feeds the harmful parasites. You can visit to know more about what feeds the parasites and what fights them. Food products like cinnamon, coconut, garlic, vitamin C, pumpkin and papaya seeds help to detoxify your child’s body and free it of all the infections.


Teach them Hygiene:

You can do the detox once or twice a year, but taking care of your child’s hygiene is an everyday job. Instead of fussing over them about cleanliness, you should try and teach them these habits. You can start by teaching your kids to stop putting their hands into the mouth as dirty hands are the biggest source of infection. There are many hygiene habits for children that they need to inculcate in their lives. Washing hands regularly and sanitizing them, covering their mouths while coughing and sneezing, brushing twice a day are some of those habits.



As much as children hate it, vaccination is an important part of their life. Vaccination creates a base for the health of your children. To build up a strong defense system in your body, vaccination is really important. It strengthens their immunity and produces anti-bodies to protect them from several preventable diseases.


As always consult with your child’s pediatrician to ensure that they are receiving all their vaccinations and health check-ups on schedule.  It is vitally important that you follow the well-child schedule to keep your child healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Here is a handy infographic from the Maryland Pediatric Association you can use for reference.



Isolation and Rest:

When your child is unwell, the most essential thing is for him to have as much rest as his body wants. Studies and extra-curricular activities are important but not more than your child’s health. So whenever you feel your baby is feeling low, gets tired too often, or infected with even the tiniest infection, let him rest and skip school and activities till he gets well. This step will also prevent many other children from getting infected.

Take immediate action:

If your child is starting to feel unwell, it is important to take action immediately and provide him with proper medication and rest. Waiting for the bigger signs can increase the problem; recovery will also take as much time in that case. Being the parents means being on alert all the time and look for even small changes in the physical or emotional behavior of your child. If your child is ill you may need to consult your pediatrician. Remember, your child’s doctor is your partner is raising a healthy child.





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