How To Make Your Next Move Smooth And Simple

With the right approach, moving should not be too complicated and stressful. On the other hand, the lack of proper planning and timing often results in a cumbersome moving process. Some people wait until the last minute to start packing for a house move, which is time-wasting. But reports indicate that it takes two to three days to pack a two-bedroom house and an entire day to pack a large room. Discussed below are a few ways to make your next move smooth and simple.

Pack away all items you can easily live without

Home survey reports indicate that many households keep things they do not need. This often creates clutter and makes the packing process cumbersome packing when it’s time to move houses. You can avoid these complexities by choosing to pack these items in advance. As long as you can live without them for three to four weeks, packing and putting them away would be a good idea. An easier option would be to book a portable storage unit like those from SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc during the period leading up to moving day.

Indeed, the duration you book a container will depend on your financial strength. Packing non-essentials in advance is a time-saving technique that can simplify your moving process. Experts say the success of a moving process depends on how well you stick to set timelines. This, therefore, means advance packing of the things you don’t need can buy you enough time on your moving day. This technique requires effective planning.


Label everything accurately

Did you know that every room you pack takes an average of 23 boxes of different sizes? So, if you are packing three or more rooms, you can imagine the number of boxes you have to deal with. Indeed, there is no fun in trying to identify your boxes or locating which one contains what. This is why experts recommend labeling as one of the most efficient ways to simplify the moving process. Proper labeling includes a well-thought-out inventory that you generated yourself. An app may help you save the day. 

People have realized that miscellaneous items get thrown in one large box, even with proper labeling. This can make unpacking cumbersome at the new location. A solution, however, is to take pictures of the contents of that miscellaneous box. That way, finding smaller items will be easier and more convenient. You can do this with your smartphone or print the picture and attach it to that single box of miscellaneous items.

Make provisions for your essential needs

The likelihood of rummaging through boxes to find your daily essentials is high when you fail to plan. Therefore, just as you pack non-essentials, it helps to make provisions for your essentials. Every household may have variations of what is considered essential. However, the most common items are vital documents, medications, food, and water. Keeping a change of clothes and basic toiletries close by is a good idea. This allows you to be comfortable on that first day your items are delivered to the new location. 

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