How To Make Your Home Suit Your Personality


If you are struggling to find the right decor for your home, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners feel like they are faced with a herculean task when they decorate their home space; they want it to represent them in the best way. 


Budget, life commitments, and spatial constraints all get in the way of creating the “perfect” home – but there are still ways to make your home suit you down to the ground. In this post, you’ll find easy tips and tricks for making your home suit your personality and avoiding following generic trends.

How would your friends describe you? 

When you are considering how to design your home, it’s useful to think of how others perceive you. You might find that by reflecting on your personality in this way, it is easier to picture what your home should look like on the inside. 


For example, if your friends would describe you as ‘warm and wholesome,’ there’s a whole aesthetic image that comes along with that: fluffy blankets, warm reds and browns, and exposed, rustic wood fittings. On the other hand, if your friends would refer to you as ‘chic, cool and calm,’ you might picture a more practical, minimal space, complete with touchless faucets and tiled floors.


By completing this simple exercise, you might start to feel connected to an image of your future home. What does it look like? Write down the key features you envision, and away you go!


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How do you want people to feel in your home?

The next question to ask yourself is: how would you like people to feel in your home? Your home is your space and your sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider how others should feel there. If you love welcoming guests and spending time with them at home, it is important to consider how they might feel in your home environment.


Do you want people to be impressed? To feel warm and cosy, like they’re at home themselves? To feel curious, joyful, or even inspired? Answering these questions will allow you to design your home to achieve the ambiance you desire, giving you the perfect vibes with which to welcome people into your space.

DIY or professional contractor?

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves when designing their home interior is: DIY or professional contractor? The best option here is to weigh up the things you want to implement in your home and see if those goals match with your budget. If they’re a little much for what you’ve got in the bank, try to see if some of these goals are achievable through DIY, freecycling, or buying second-hand furnishings and fittings.

In conclusion…

Making your home suit your personality is harder than it looks; it requires a decent amount of self-reflection and some creative vision to boot! Use this guide to help you achieve the perfect home that suits your personality exactly right!


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