How To Make Her Stop Yapping

How to Make Her Stop Yapping

We now have neighbors above us who have a dog. Our dogs, Vinny and Chiquita have a real issue with this. Every time they hear the dog upstairs, they bark. Every time they hear the people upstairs, they bark. We live in an old building with beautiful original hardwood floors, plaster and lathe ceilings and little to no insulation. These new neighbors have become the bain of my existence since they moved in upstairs. Very loud, drinking and fighting, slamming doors, and stomping kind of people.

Enough ranting about the neighbors. You get the picture. I had to find a way to stop the constant yapping of my dogs and in return their dog. I tried TV but I found it too distracting to me as I am writing.  I did some research and found music just to calm your dogs.

The problem with this is that after the initial siren noise to get the dogs attention and mine, it worked too well. We were all asleep before the video ended. Great for night time but not so great for when I am writing.

This lead me to experiment with other types of music. I found that it had to be instrumental music or it didn’t work. I tried some classical and some nature sounds but that had the same effect as the video above.


I have discovered my dogs love smooth jazz and Spanish guitar and this makes me very happy. It calms my dogs even Chiquita the really yappy one. This music keeps them from barking which enables me to be much more productive.  Here are two of our favorites.


With the help of Youtube and these videos I love my dogs again, am more productive, and can tolerate my noisy neighbors.  What suggestions do you have on quieting down your dogs?

2 thoughts on “How to Make Her Stop Yapping”

  1. Pretty cool, going to try on my animals 10 of them, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 children and 1 mother!!! LOL!! They drive me crazy all day!!!!

  2. We have a Bernese Mountain Dog who thinks he’s a wolf, so he howls. I will try some of these ideas on him. Thanks for sharing!

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