How To Make A Difference In Your Local Community

Can one person make a difference? Yes, of course they can, as has been shown throughout the course of human history. But too often, we look at the large-scale things people have been done, from spearheading mission groups to creating wondrous inventions.


But if you are keen to make a difference, know that you don’t have to do something that will change the world. You can do things that matter to the people in your community and make their lives better in the process. How so? Well, here are some suggestions.



#1: Raise money for a local charity


There are all kinds of ways to raise money for a local charity. You could go door-to-door (after asking permission from the charity), raise money through a bake sale, get sponsored for doing something brave or silly, and appeal on the charity’s behalf on social media. Here are some other fundraising ideas. So, think about the charities that mean something to you and then get in touch with them. They might even give you fundraising ideas of their own.


#2: Become a first-aider


You could quite literally save somebody’s life if you know how to give basic first aid. It might be to the person you’re sitting next to on the bus. Or it could be somebody who is living in your street. You could also offer your services to school or community groups if they need a first-aider at the events they hold. Check out the courses at or sign up for any courses being held in your local community.


#3: Shop locally


Lots of small businesses are shutting down and this is because of the rise in online shopping. You can do your bit to support small businesses by shopping locally. By doing so, you would also be doing your bit to go green, as you wouldn’t be adding to local pollution by ordering in goods from afar.


#4: Support the hungry


You could give money to local homeless shelters and food banks. Or you could donate your time and lend a hand to support them. You could also provide food to those who need it by growing your own food and delivering it to the needy.


#5: Volunteer your time


As suggested, you could volunteer at the local homeless shelter or food bank. However, there will be many other volunteer opportunities in your community. We are thinking of youth groups, charity stores. animal shelters, senior care homes, hospitals, schools, and many other places besides. Google search ‘volunteer opportunities near me’ and scroll through the results until you find something that is meaningful to you.


#6: Be a kind person


If you commit to any of our other suggestions, you will be showcasing your kindness in some wonderful ways. However, you can also show kindness as you’re going about your daily routine. You might make somebody’s day if you make the effort to smile at the people you pass by. A kind word might also be appreciated, or even a kind gesture, such as volunteering to help a senior citizen carry their shopping. Your kindness might even be paid forward, as if you do something to brighten somebody’s day, they might follow your good example!



These are just a few of the things you can do to make a difference in your local community. So, consider what you might do today. Even the smallest of acts is better than doing nothing!


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