How To Look After Your Home When You Live Alone 


Whether you have left the nest or retired, or your nest is empty!  It may be hard getting accustomed to living alone, getting to know yourself, cooking for yourself, and all of a sudden having a lot of time on your hands to devote to hobbies and self-fulfillment. It gives you a chance to maintain strong connections with family and friends. It’s all fun and games, but how can you keep your home when you live alone? Not just the cleaning and tidying, what about all the other nitty-gritty things. What happens if there is a leak? Pests? How can you tell if the smoke detector is working correctly? Well, here is a guide that can help. 


All of a sudden rancid with pests in your home? They chew your clothes, sleep in your bed, and nibble your food. It is the worst feeling ever, but it can quickly be resolved with pest control. Get rid of these home invaders as soon as possible. Pest control can reduce or eliminate both pesky pests and harmful pests. Pest control can be the removal, reduction, or complete elimination of insects, rodents with professional expertise and can help you take your home back. 


How can you tell if your smoke detector is working correctly? When the indicator light flashes about every 40 seconds, the detector receives power from the battery or electrical current. It is essential to test the detector Weekley by pushing firmly on the test button until the horn sounds. This should take about 20 seconds. If the alarm horn makes a continuous loud sound, then the detector should be working correctly. 


What is the best way to handle leaking, burst, or frozen pipes? If pipes leak, place a dish or bowl underneath the leam, pull back any carpets, and lay down newspapers or towels to absorb the dampness. If the pipes burst, turn off the water at the main stop and any gate valves front the water tanks and switch off any water heaters. Some items may have their own isolation valve. If electrical fittings get wet, DO NOT TOUCH and turn off the electricity at the meter. If the ceiling bulges, prevent the ceiling from falling down by placing a bucket under the bulge. Pierce a hole to let the water through. If pipes freeze, turn off the water at the main stop tap and open the cold taps. It is best to leave the pipes frozen, but you may try to thaw the pipe using a hot water bottle.


What happens if the central heating stops working? Make sure the operating instructions have been read before attempting to do anything, and if it all fails, they look on youtube. There are a few checks you can do before calling anyone in. If you have central gas heating, this needs both an electrical and gas supply to operate the controls and ignite the boiler, so it is best to check if these are both working. Check the timer is set correctly. Check if the thermostat is not set too low, and check if your heating is sent to constant, which overrides the items. Sometimes it also helps to bleed your radiators. 


Those are just a few of the plethora of issues that can come with a house, but living alone shouldn’t phase you at all, and these issues can still be looked at quickly! 


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