How To Keep Yourself Busy When You Have An Empty Nest

As a parent, you never imagine the day that your children will leave home. Parenthood is far too busy and stressful for you to focus on anything but taking care of your kids, when they’re little and rely on you for everything. Parenting younger children might be stressful but the fact is it’s much nicer than parenting young adults, as eventually when your children get to their late teens or early twenties they will, most likely, choose to move out of the family home, leaving you with an empty nest.


Having an empty nest can be extremely upsetting for you to deal with and can cause various feelings of upset and sadness. It’s not easy adjusting to life without your children living with you, which is why it’s essential that you stay as busy as possible to ensure that you are able to cope more easily with the changes that your life and home have undergone.


Bearing that in mind, below are some tips and ideas for ways in which you can keep yourself busy when you have an empty nest.


Start a new hobby


Yes, it might be a cliche – starting a new hobby to ward off loneliness but it works. If you want to make the process of adjusting to life without kids at home easier, you need to be willing to focus on your life and your happiness. It’s not always easy filling your life when your children have moved out, but the fact is that by choosing to take on Women hobbies, you can make coping with the changes easier. Whether you choose to try out a new team sport like netball or you choose to join a craft club, like crochet or candlemaking, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that you find a hobby that makes you feel better.


Focus on your career


Or, another option could be to start focusing on your career more. The chances are that while your children lived at home, you chose to focus more on family life rather than on your career, however now that they’ve moved out and are leading their own lives, you can begin to focus on your career again. Maybe you would like to move back into working again or perhaps you would like to find a new career path to go down. Perhaps you want to start over and work in a new sector, such as mental health, for instance? If so, then you can find a range of suitable courses online for various sectors and career changes, including a masters in clinical mental health counseling online. If you need to keep yourself busy as your children have just moved out, this could be the ideal route to go down – relaunching your career or making that career change you’ve always dreamed of making.


Make new social connections


You can never have enough friends, can you? That’s why now could be the ideal time to try and meet some new people and forge some new friendships. When it comes to beating the loneliness that comes with an empty nest, spending time with friends is important, so it’s essential that you try and make some new social connections so that you have plenty of friends to turn to. If possible, attempt to meet some other parents whose children have recently left home, as they will understand what you’re going through.

Treat Yourself To New Adventures


Now that you’ve raised your kids to go out into the world and create their own lives, it’s time for you to start doing things for yourself. You have most likely placed yourself into the category of a financially responsible adult who would never even consider spending money just to have fun. Am I right? There is nothing wrong with being a financially responsible person, but there are times when you need to treat yourself. This can be done without going into debt or using credit cards, but by rearranging your household budget and cutting back on other expenses so you can afford to have some more fun. Things like expensive phone bills, unused timeshare, and pointless cable contracts should be the first to be chopped out of your monthly budget. Asking questions like what is the best timeshare exit company or how do I cancel a cable contract; are essential when starting the cutting back process. 

By cutting back on these non-essentials, you can afford to live on your terms and experience new adventures. You can even treat yourself to one trip or adventure each month of the year now that you have extra spending money each month! 

There’s no better time than now to start living life your own way. There you have it, a guide to keeping yourself busy when you have an empty nest.

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