How To Have A Low Maintenance Beauty Regime


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to creating the ideal beauty regime. There are so many different products and options, each one claiming to do something new and exciting, that not only can it be hard to determine what to use, but it can become expensive too. Add to that the time needed to carry out this beauty routine every day, and many women feel there must be a better way. 


The very best way, of course, is to develop a low-maintenance beauty regime. When you cherry-pick only the very best options, the ones that will make the most difference but not take up too much of your time or get too complicated to do, then you’ll feel great, look great, and have plenty of time to spend on other things. Here are some of the options you might like to try. 


Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening probably won’t appear in many people’s beauty routines; it probably doesn’t even come to mind. However, this treatment, which only needs to be carried out once a year if done by a professional, can make a massive difference to your overall look and will make your beauty routine much easier to deal with. 


Your teeth are always going to be noticed no matter what you do, and by whitening them regularly, as long as you brush them and use floss and mouthwash every day, you can keep them looking great. White teeth also improve your complexion and even make you look younger. To complete the look, you could also consider using clear braces to straighten your teeth at the same time. 


Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoos

If putting on makeup every day seems like a lot of work but you don’t want to go without, there is an alternative to spending hours in front of a mirror. The answer is semi-permanent makeup tattoos. Also known as permanent makeup, you can have certain aspects of your makeup routine permanently added to your face. Or rather, semi-permanently added. This is because the look will face over time and will need to be redone once in a while. If you no longer want to have that kind of makeup or trends have changed, you can simply let the look fade away and try something else. 


Eyebrows are the most popular thing to have when it comes to semi-permanent tattoos, but there are other options such as eyeshadow. 


Eyelash Tinting And Eyelash Lifting 

Something that obviously cannot be tattooed is your eyelashes. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done to help you reduce and improve your beauty regime when it comes to this particular facial feature. 


Eyelash tinting essentially means you are dying your eyelashes with a semi-permanent dye. Not only will this dye darken your lashes, but if you add a lash lift as well, you can add volume and curl to your lashes. Doing this is like having mascara on all the time without actually having to take the time to apply it. 


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