How To Give The Garden A Spring Clean

If you’ve been giving the house a good spring clean, why not the garden next? Your garden, if you can keep it well maintained, will look much better and be a great space for you and your family to enjoy. Here are some top tips to tidy your garden, ready for you to enjoy it all summer long.


Keep It Tidy

Your garden should be kept as tidy as possible. Leaves and other debris can cause problems like blocked gutters which will lead to roof damage if allowed to remain blocked.  Cleaning your gutters can be dangerous to try to handle yourself so you might want to call in the professionals, such as Gutter Cleaning CYPRESS to make sure your gutters are in pristine condition.  Check the garden on a regular basis and sweep up any leaves or fallen twigs before they cause problems. 


Keep your flower beds weeded and tidy. You can use bark to discourage weeds from growing and keep your beds looking neater. If you notice issues such as water seepage around your septic system, book a professional for a Septic Tank Cleaning. Your lawn should be mowed on a regular basis and any hedges trimmed. Any boundary fencing should be kept in good repair too. 


The front garden plays a part in the curb appeal of your home, so you should remember to look after that too, especially if your garden often gets litter blown in from the street. If you can, keep your rubbish bins out of sight so they don’t spoil the look of your garden. 


Dress Your Outdoor Space

During the Summer, it’s easy to dress and style your garden to help it look its best. You can use things like hanging baskets, pots of plants, and garden furniture. These bring in a splash of color and visual appeal to your garden and make it look more welcoming for any visitors you have. 


Keep Everything In Good Order

If you have a shed in the garden, try to keep this neat and tidy too, with doors and locks that work properly. Make sure the wood is properly painted and treated. If you use a greenhouse, make sure there’s no broken glass in order to keep the greenhouse safe. If you have an old shed or greenhouse that you don’t use, get rid of it, so it doesn’t become an eyesore. You can use the base left behind as a space for some pots of plants. Oil onto any gates that have got squeaky and keep the woodwork on any gates and fences treated or painted. 


Get Rid Of Clutter

Clean out any garages, sheds, and greenhouses. Take out any clutter, and make a few trips to the tip or the recycling center to get rid of anything that you don’t want anymore. Anything you want to keep should be put away in storage boxes. Label the boxes clearly so you can find things when you need them. Keep the space clear of dust and cobwebs. 


Clear Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys can be a bit of an eyesore, whether they’re for children or pets. Make sure to have somewhere to store them when they aren’t being played with, and throw out anything that they’ve grown out of or lost interest in. You could sell old toys online that are in good condition to make some extra cash.


Clean Patios And Decking

If you have a patio or decking area, this will need some TLC too. Before the summer, take a look at the area and see if any repairs are needed, like loose paving slabs, rotting planks, or railings coming loose. 


Decking may need to be retreated to keep it water-resistant and looking smart. The patio and other pathways around the garden can be cleaned using a pressure washer. This can usually be hired reasonably cheaply, and you can spend a day cleaning the patio and the driveway to get them looking like new again. 


Edge Garden Beds

Grass can start to creep into beds without you noticing. The easy finishing touch to get your garden looking tidy is to edge your garden beds to stop this from happening. 


Getting rid of any stray grass is a simple way to get your garden looking smart and polished. A crisp edge also helps to prevent the lawn from encroaching onto your flower beds.


Clear The Vegetable Patch

If you grow vegetables, you can start the Spring by giving your vegetable patch a clear too. Remove any dead plants that have been ignored over the Fall. Don’t forget to get rid of any plant debris or leftover roots too, so you have a clean slate to grow in. If there are any dead vines from the grilles, untangle them and get rid of them. 


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