Act or Let it Go – A Plan to Deal with Worry


Worry is such a time suck.

We spend hours and days wasted worrying about this or that.  Worrying if everything will work out. Worrying if everyone is ok. Worrying about if we are worrying too much.

Instead of worrying, we need to start acting.

Whatever we are worried about, we need to decide if it is something we can act on and if not we must let it go.


Worried about something?

Ask yourself two questions


Is this in my control? 

If the answer is no then you have to let it go. “Give it to God” as I often hear people say. Just say, “I am worried about this, but I am powerless to do anything about it so I am giving it over to the Goddess/God/Allah/G-d/Universe to handle as they see fit.”


If the answer is yes then ask yourself,


What can I do about this?

Now,  you need to develop a plan of action and act.

For example, if you are worried about a test, then you need to make sure you study and prepare for the test.  If you are like me and have anxiety about visiting new places then you have to think of all the issues that can happen if you go there and find solutions before you go. ( what if I get sick?  then I will leave. What if a tornado hits? then I will seek shelter in the bathroom or a doorway.  What if I don’t like the place?  Then I will leave. What if I have a panic attack? I will make sure to take my meds with me.) Yes, these are the types of irrational worries that a person like me with an anxiety disorder has. I view finding solutions as a way of taking back my power from the anxiety.



I see you shaking your head saying it’s not that simple.

Act or let go.

Believe me, I know it is not as simple as it seems, but it really is.

Act or let it go. It is that simple.


Try this exercise

Take out three sheets of paper.

On one sheet write down all your worries.

On one sheet of paper write Yes and on the other sheet of paper write No.

Now ask yourself this question about each of the worries you wrote down.

Is this in my control?

If the answer is Yes write the worry on the Yes paper and if it’s No write the worry on the No sheet.

Take the sheet of worries that are not in your control, the ones written on the No sheet and tear it up or burn it releasing those worries to the universe.

Take the sheet with all the worries that are within your control, the ones on the Yes sheet and develop a plan of action then take action.

Act or Let It Go

And always remember ……





2 thoughts on “Act or Let it Go – A Plan to Deal with Worry”

  1. These are really great tips and a wonderful reminder. I try not to worry about anything because it will on stress you out and make you sick.

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