How To Commit the Perfect Murder

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Death of the Errant Lover, she wrote at the top of the page and she began brainstorming ways to kill him. Anyone who found her notes would just assume she was working on another book. Being a writer gave her license to research murder and not be suspected.

Poison, no too predictable.

Car accident, no something more.

It had to make a statement. His murder had to tell the world what kind of a man he was. He needed to suffer just like he caused women to suffer. To be humiliated, abandoned, and desperate for help.

Now, what exactly would that look like? she mused.

Delicious days of torture while he begged for her forgiveness. She bit down on the pen enjoying the vision for a moment before shaking the thought out of her head.

That was too risky.  She had to make sure she wasn’t discovered.

It had to be a murder, not an accident and he had to know that she was behind it. She needed the satisfaction of seeing the fear in his eyes as he realized exactly what was happening. But and it was a big but, she needed to remain innocent in the eyes of the law. I needed to keep my hands clean and make sure nothing could be traced back to Cambria.


What do you think she should do?

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