How To Boost Your Teenager’s Self-Esteem


The teenage years can be a challenging period. Moods, body changes, and relationships can fluctuate dramatically. All these changes tend to affect a teen’s self-esteem. Some statistics have shown that up to half of all adolescents will have low self-esteem during their teenage years. So, how can you, as a parent, help boost your teenager’s self-esteem and confidence in this period? Here are a few tips you can try.


Assist them in developing self-esteem


Numerous factors may affect your child’s confidence in this period, such as their body changes and size or how many likes or followers they have on social media. This is where you would need to be a ray of hope to them. Help your teenager understand the need to let go of these superficial factors to explore their self-worth. Help them understand that being kind and compassionate is more important than being slender or attractive. You can also introduce them to communities like Eva Carlston that help teenagers build confidence. 


Use of words of affirmation


Be generous with your words of affirmation because they can make all the difference in boosting your child’s confidence. When you praise your child’s actions or accomplishments, it boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to keep trying. You must also be constant in your compliments. Always tell your teen how glad you are to be their parent, and try not to overlook any accomplishments.


Encourage teens to be experimental


Introducing your teen to new activities is an effective way to boost their self-esteem. Your child can find hidden abilities, overcome fears, and begin to build their self-worth by getting out there and trying new things. Part-time jobs, clubs, volunteer work, and learning a musical instrument are all excellent methods to diversify your experience. Martial arts, for example, are a perfect way for your teen to boost their self-esteem. Karate and martial arts lessons are excellent for helping teenagers develop self-confidence as they teach essential life skills like realistic goal setting and positive reinforcement.


Show positivity


As parents, you want to ensure your child is on the right path to being the best they can be. However, sometimes you may be a little too harsh, and that may not be what your teen needs. It is essential to be calm and comforting, showing love in how you help your child. Be sure not to compare your child to others as this only lowers their self-confidence and breeds unnecessary worry and unhealthy competition. Instead of focusing on what has to be improved, focus on the positive aspects of your teen’s personality. Teach your adolescent to concentrate on their positive qualities and encourage them to build upon them.


Understand when your teenagers may need extra help

Some teenagers may need extra help to overcome self-esteem issues. For example, some teenagers may experience extreme social anxiety or feelings of worthlessness due to depression. It could be worth encouraging your teenagers to see a therapist if you feel that you cannot provide the help they need. Similarly, you should look out for conditions and learning difficulties that may have gone undiagnosed, as these can have a big impact on a teenager’s self-esteem. For example, if a teenager struggles to make friends and you’ve noticed that they are very particular about routine, it may be worth looking into an autism evaluation. A child that struggles with writing and reading tasks may meanwhile benefit from a dyslexia test. Getting a diagnosis could be important for getting your child the right support and ultimately building up their self-esteem.

Set a good example for your teenagers


It would help if you embodied the change you wish to see to assist your teen in developing self-confidence effectively. Even as they approach adulthood, your child is constantly studying you and how you handle yourself. If you are continually critical of yourself or act insecurely, your adolescent will learn to do the same.


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