How to Best Recreate Your Space After the Children Move Out


Empty nest syndrome. If the children have recently moved out, chances are you’re feeling all kinds of emotions trying to cope. While you’re happy that they’re spreading their wings and experiencing new adventures, it may take some time until you’re ready to accept the reality that is your newfound freedom. 


That said, once you’ve given yourself time to digest and are ready to rebuild your home, you’ll discover that there are plenty of exciting possibilities to reimagine your home with your newfound space, time, and independence!


Here are the top 3 great tips for those who want to renovate their space after the children have moved out. 


1. Declutter the space 

Before thinking about remodeling the space, the first step is to clean up the stuff you or the kids no longer need. 

Think about all the piled-up stuff you’ve gathered in the nooks and crannies of the place over all the years. 


While you may wish to keep certain items with emotional value, clearing out unnecessary items will allow you to see your home from a new perspective. In addition, this can give you the motivation you need to redesign your home to suit your changing needs, preferences, and goals.

2. Organize the items left behind 

While decluttering to the fullest is important, you don’t want to throw out things that you might need in the future, such as childhood keepsakes.


Keep children’s mementos in labeled bins, and make sure the containers are waterproof and will be safe from bursting pipes in the garage or damage in the attic. 


Another great idea is to turn physical photo albums into digital albums. Then, you will be able to save on so much space while still keeping all the cherished memories with yourself. 

3. Repurpose spare bedrooms

There are so many great ideas you can take inspiration from when repurposing the old bedrooms.


Guest Room 

You can add a fresh look to the room with new curtains or an accent piece like a unique rug and make the space into a guest bedroom for when friends and family visit. 


Reading Corner/Library

Add a comfortable couch to bring the place to life, and place a few shelves for all the books you previously didn’t have room for. A reading nook can be a great addition to your all-new space. 

Make it cozy as you want, with later adding lights or other personal items to your liking. 


Home Gym/Meditation Room 

A whole room that will allow you to start focusing on yourself. It seems like every empty nester’s perfect dream. 


You don’t have to have expensive equipment to make it work (although you can spend as lavishly as you want). Just hang a few inspirational artworks, light some candles to adjust the mood, roll out your mat, and you have the perfect space for a gym or meditation room. 


Renovations for a home gym or yoga studio can help kickstart a new, active, and health-conscious lifestyle. 


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