How to Be 50+ and Fabulous

While there is a big focus on how to look younger, there is a beauty that comes with age. The lines from laughing with your friends and family for years. The gentle graying of your hair around the ears. And knowing much more than you should. While plenty of us are quick to complain about aging, we don’t often stop to think about the fact that some people don’t get to age. We aren’t as aware as we should be about things like when to call an elder law lawyer, or at what point we make our will. Those things shouldn’t be ignored!


And, although that stuff shouldn’t be an overriding factor in how you live your life, it might serve as a gentle reminder that we are here to make the most of the years we do have.


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Beauty, skincare, and fashion is a lot of fun. And the older you get, the wiser you are about what suits you and what doesn’t. Which is why sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. Fear not though, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is where you find exactly what you are looking for.


Over time your skin loses elasticity – years, just like that famous advert tells you it does. It can make that skin looks very dry and might be described as cakey. It is great to know that. Actually, this needn’t be you. Step up your moisturization game. If you have been using the same brand and cream for years, you might find that you need a thicker consistency with a few extra ingredients. Now, while it is never wise to put things on your face that you don’t really understand – now is a great time to consider something with Hyaluronic acid. And, yes, that does sound like it might burn – however it is a super moisturizing ingredient that really packs a punch. Try an eye cream that is rich and cooling if you suffer from puffy eyes, eye bags, and/or dry eyes. StyleKorean has some wonderful skin care products.


The quickest way to highlight wrinkles and fine lines is to put a mattifying foundation on and pack on the powder. Some of us can get away with it, but more of us can’t. It’s time to think about a BB or CC cream. They are super light, provide an impressive amount of coverage, and leave you with dewy supple skin.

Cc creams cover redness,, and imperfections. While BB creams are an all-around beauty balm that will give you a glow and a hint of color. It’s more like a moisturizer with magic powers. If like me you have the “curse of the celts” then you will want to try my favorite foundation at IT Cosmetics.

Brow Power

Your eyebrows can become spares as you get older, and while you don’t need to start drawing big thick ones on any time soon, finding a soft taupe eyebrow pencil, and shaping your brows a bit will do wonders. You should never underestimate what your eyebrows can do for your face. If you aren’t confident in drawing them on yourself, make an appointment at a makeup counter. They will be more than happy to help you. Benefit have a fantastic eyebrow service, and the staff is well trained and friendly.

Code Black

If you have been using blue or brown mascara for the past few years, it might be time that you ditch that for some classic black. It will give lift, length, and volume to your eyelashes, which in turn make your eyes look bigger. It’s just a small change. That said if you are still a big fan of the electric blue mascara from the 70s then keep wearing it. If it makes you happy, then do it.

Lips But Better

There is a ‘your lips but better; color out there for every – sometimes it just takes a really long time to find it. But when you do, stock up. Ideally, your perfect match will be a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. The subtle shade difference will make your lips look plump and soft. Opt for a satin finish rather than the matte that is saturating the market right now. Matte lipstick can make your lips look dry and sit in any creases you have. Use a lip pencil and concealer to prevent lipstick from bleeding into wrinkles. If you’re looking for a way to get fuller, smoother-looking lips, you might want to check out City Lips reviews to find out what people are saying about their lip products for women seeking the perfect pout. They have many products designed just for mature women.  


There is a saying, and it goes like – wear whatever you want at any age. And that is precisely what we will be recommending here too. There is nothing off limits to you just because you are in the 50+ range. While you might’ve ditched those 5-inch heels many moons ago if you decided to wear them now then just make sure you have great blister plasters.

Good fashion is about having clothing and footwear that makes you feel happy and confident when you wear it. Follow the trends or don’t, create your own unique style, dress for comfort or dress for the red carpet, it’s up to you. 


It is natural to have confidence highs and low. One year you might feel like you are comfortable in your skin, and you have it all worked out, and the next you might find a few new grays and a wrinkle and feel ‘old.’ It is important to remember that you are the only you there is. Each and every hair and wrinkle is perfect just the way it is. And, on the days you feel ‘old and frumpy’ don’t reminisce to way back when instead make a plan for in the future to wear clothes that you love and meet up with people you love more.


You really need to drink more water. This goes for everyone, pretty much everywhere. We are all walking around mildly dehydrated, and as your skin loses elasticity, you need that water even more. Water aids in digestion, clearing toxins from your body, and helping to keep your skin healthy.  Make sure you get enough water daily.

Collagen OR…

A beauty supplement. You could either start taking pure collagen because on your body starts producing less, it won’t suddenly begin to produce more. You’re going to have to help it out. I personally take Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin & Nails with Biotin and Collagen Gummies. If you decide to take a supplement make sure to do your research. Check with your pharmacist or physician to find out if there are any interactions with your current medications.  

When it comes to fashion, beauty, and style – 90% of it is about how it makes you feel. So if you love it, then do it.


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    1. It seems that the 50s bring out a lot of emotions. I tell everyone I feel like a pregnant teenage boy – crying for no reason, hair sprouting in weird places, not to mention those power surges.

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