How To Avoid ‘Health Pride’ And Its Dangers



It’s very true to say that many people hold a certain amount of pride in their identities and personal interests. That’s relatively healthy to do. We need to feel proud and confident in ourselves to approach the world with a sense of responsibility and curiosity, and when issues in this regard occur, we can often lose our direction.


However, sometimes ‘pride’ as it stands can serve as a contrary consideration to our goals. For instance, too much pride in oneself can avoid us from asking the hard questions, or reflecting on our needs, or of holding ourselves to account. Sometimes, it can even prevent us from admitting there may be a problem, half-born out of fear, and masquerading as a personal sense of resilience. We often see this in men, as they are often taught by their peers to hold in their emotions and to not speak of necessary topics – such as mental health challenges. Thankfully, these perspectives are shifting over time.


In this post, we’ll discuss how to avoid ‘health pride’ and its dangers going forward:


Avoiding The Doctor


Avoiding the doctor is not a measure of strength and doesn’t define anyone as a stoic. It’s simply foolishness that may of us can fall into when we’re afraid of being diagnosed with an issue. Yet it’s better to know the scope of a problem rather than letting it torment you, and the sooner you go, the sooner you know how to move forward. Visiting the Doctor a month earlier than you may have otherwise been forced to can quite literally save your life. Don’t eschew it for pride.


Disregarding Issues


It’s also quite easy for people to disregard issues if they seem small enough. Of course, a small pain, ache or injury well-managed may not be that much to consider. But if you notice a lump when checking your breasts, or if you’ve been feeling quite lethargic lately, or if that cough doesn’t seem to be shifting, well, it’s best not to just assume that it will go away on its own. Issues like age-related hearing loss could be here to stay. It’s best to get a professional’s opinion. Remember – you’re never wasting your physician’s time – they have chosen this career path to help people like you.

Overdoing It 


It’s possible to overdo it. We all know how invulnerable we feel in youth, even if we suffer from certain issues. That’s an impression we’re better off getting over as soon as possible. Overdoing bad habits, neglecting exercise, eating poorly, rarely focusing on our healthy sleep or simply working out too much and getting addicted to lifting weights without proper form all leaves you less healthy and wholesome than you may have been before. Don’t overestimate yourself, and make sure you play it safe. Be as healthy as you can, and keep your vices in moderation. This way, you can avoid having a bad decision nastily biting you – even if that means getting control over your partying when society returns back to normal.


With this advice, we hope you can avoid very real ‘health pride’ and its dangers.

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