How Does a Drug Bust Work? 5 Things to Know

We’ve all seen drug busts in the movies–but what are they like in real life?

It’s normal to be curious about them since they seem so dramatic and exciting! While they aren’t always done by huge SWAT teams raiding a home at dawn, they are useful for police to seize illegal drugs and stop them from reaching the community.

So, how does a drug bust work exactly? Keep reading to find five useful things to know about the process.

1. How Do Police Find Drugs?

So, how do the police find drug dealers to know where to conduct a raid? Often, it’s due to intel.

They might have an undercover officer involved with those selling the drugs, they might get a tip-off from a community member, or a former seller might give police information in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Police also use social media, as anyone posting online about an illegal activity is going to get noticed.

2. Dogs Are an Officer’s Secret Weapon

Once police are in a home or building, it can be hard to find drugs, as they’re often hidden extremely well. However, officers have a special co-worker to help them out—a drug sniffing dog.

Dogs have noses far more sensitive than humans, so they can smell drugs that we can’t. These drugs undergo rigorous training to learn how to find and identify areas where drugs are hidden.

Often, German Shepherds, Labradors, or Doberman are used for the job.

3. Police Will Usually Need a Warrant to Enter

Under the 4th Amendment, citizens are protected against unreasonable search and seizure. This means police will usually need a warrant to enter your home or office, which you can ask to see.

However, in some cases, police can legally enter without a warrant.

4. Your Home Will Be Left in a Mess

If your home is victim to a drug bust, bad news—the police aren’t going to clean up after themselves. They’ll pay for any damage done, like broken locks, but don’t expect the place to be left in a tidy condition.

5. Testing Confirms If Drugs Are Real

After police complete a drug bust, how do they know the drugs are real? In most cases, they’ll be tested in a laboratory—a legal necessity to prove someone has cocaine, for example, rather than baking soda.

Learn All About a Drug Bust With this Guide

A drug bust isn’t something you want to experience, but these tips should help you learn more about the process.

Busts are a useful way for police to stop illegal activity, so be aware that they can happen at any time, without warning. If you are caught up in a bust, always hire a lawyer to help you navigate the process.

With so many dangerous drugs out there in the world, busts are essential for keeping the community safe.

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