Helping Your Child Transition Out Of College


Your child is graduating college and about to embark upon a new journey in life. While you may have a mix of emotions including nervousness, excitement, and some hesitation, you’re also likely feeling very proud of them and want to see them excel.  Helping your child transition from college to the real world is vital to their continued success. 

As a parent, you wear many hats and a lot is going on during any given day. However, what you can’t pass up are the opportunities to be there for your child when they need you the most. Learn tips for helping your child transition out of college into the real world so you can provide them with the tools, knowledge, and support they’ll need to succeed.

Provide Resources & Options for Further Education

Don’t be afraid to do your own homework and provide your child with resources and encouragement about their future and education. For instance, if they’re going into nursing and they’re feeling stuck about what their future looks like then you might want to offer up that they can always look into getting an Online MBA for Nurses. Remind them that healthcare leaders are in demand and that furthering their education will give them increased job opportunities.

Help Them Get Organized

Your child may not be sure where they’re heading next after college and this is okay. Instead of worrying, focus on what you can do to help them get organized. For instance, maybe they want your assistance with learning financial responsibility or finding a place to live. Now might be a good opportunity to reach out to your network and see who may be hiring or has connections to potential employers. It’s not about checking out but just stepping back and seeing what advice they want from you or in which ways they think you can help.

Stay Positive

If there’s one thing you do when helping your child transition out of college into the real world it should be to keep your emotions in check. Avoid overthinking the situation if they don’t have a job yet or are unsure of their future. Stay positive and encourage them to find their purpose and gain as much work experience as possible as they search. It’s all about being able to facilitate healthy communication between the two of you and process all that’s going on with yourself before you respond.


Listen & Be Supportive

Recognize that although they graduated and it’s a huge accomplishment, there may still be (and will likely be) new challenges ahead as a now young adult. What you can do is listen and be as supportive as possible without telling them what to do. Provide guidance and input when it makes sense but don’t focus on forcing a solution in the present moment. Let them figure it out while being available to step in and provide guidance and assistance if required.  


It’s a big transition for your child when they go from college into the real world. It’s best to educate yourself on the matter and have tools and tips in place that you can apply instead of going into the situation blindly. Let these suggestions guide you in ensuring you two can work through this milestone together. 

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