Health Checks That All Women Need

Women are recommended to have general check-ups with a doctor each and every year. It may be that you have some family history that could make you more susceptible to a health issue, as well as talking about your current lifestyle choices (smoking and drinking, and so on). Seeing a doctor for these check-ups can be a great way to make sure that you are staying healthy, as well as dealing with any warning signs as and when they might arise. For many things, if they are picked up early, then it can make the world of difference. But what are the checks that you should be making sure (or requesting) that you have, to ensure top health? Here is a quick guide to help.


Self Checking


To start off with, self-checking is something that can work wonders, as you may be able to identify anything before it crops up and get to see a professional quickly. Some things that you can check at home are:


  • Skin – checking and monitoring things like freckles, moles, and blemishes, to see if any change shape, color or size, is really important.
  • Teeth – you can reduce things like tooth decay, gum disease and even losing a tooth loss, when you care for your teeth in the right way at home.
  • Exercise – making sure that you regularly exercise can maintain your weight and help to prevent diseases from developing. It can be good for your mental health too.
  • Weight management – if you are able to maintain a healthy weight, then it can help to prevent diseases like diabetes.
  • Diet – along the same lines, you can take steps to maintain or improve your overall health by what you eat, and that is only managed at home. Having a balanced diet and meal planning can really help.



Doctor Checking

Test that you should check with your doctor can include:


  • Cervical Screening. This is a screening test to pick up any irregularities that could lead to cervical cancer. It is one of the most preventable cancers out there, but you need to have the screening to deal with anything before it is too late.
  • Hearing. No matter what age we are, we can get problems with our hearing. As children, these tests are picked up, but as we age, there is very in the way of these kinds of tests, unless they are instigated by us. You may find that you need something like a hearing enhancer, or your hearing could be perfectly normal. But you’ll never know unless you get it checked.
  • Breast screening (mammogram). If you notice any changes to your breast as you age, make sure that you speak to your doctor as soon as possible. If you have a family history of breast cancer, then you may need to be screened pretty regularly, but speak to your doctor first.
  • Eye health. Eyesight, like hearing, can deteriorate as we age. So with that in mind, it is recommended that women have an eye health check by the age of 40. It should be something that tests for glaucoma, rather than just a vision test.


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