Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a conventional medicine for decades. And it’s known to help with several health conditions. Moreover, it can be used by all age groups, and research shows that older adults benefit greatly from it. It may be partly why 50% of Americans use apple cider vinegar. Aging often weakens the immune system, making it important to take better care of your health. Below are some health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Strengthens the Lymphatic System


The lymphatic system consists of a group of fine tubes responsible for draining fluids that may have leaked from blood vessels. In simple terms, their primary function is regularly maintaining healthy fluid levels in the body’s internal processes. Data has shown that older adults deal with various stages of fluid retention in the muscles, especially around the joints.

Unfortunately, this is because of a natural slowing of the lymphatic system functions. Apple cider vinegar helps clean the lymph nodes and regain their optimum functions. The lymphatic system fights against fluid retention and inflammation when restoring this function. Always dilute Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) before drinking it, usually about 1 teaspoon to a cup of water. Remember to seek medical advice before regular consumption or if you have chronic health conditions.


Vaginal Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for vaginal health.  It has been scientifically proven to help with yeast (candida) infections. Researchers have also concluded that apple cider vinegar’s acidic nature may help in both the inhibition and elimination of UTI-causing bacteria, reducing the risk and severity of infection.

For years, I suffered from recurrent UTIs until I started drinking what I refer to as my cooch juice every morning.  It is a mixture of 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar,  an entire bottle of cranberry juice, and an entire bottle of pineapple juice mixed in a gallon jug.  You can see more about it in my video.


Aids in Digestion

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is common among the aging citizenry because of the excess relaxation of stomach muscles as the aging process begins. Fortunately, ACV is reportedly helping people in this age range with the illness. ACV helps to prevent heartburn while reducing the risk of intestinal inflammation. When these two are managed efficiently, digestion improves. Therefore, you may want to consume meals that require some ACV to cook. For example, crockpot pork chops. The addition of apple cider vinegar for the cooking process makes it an excellent choice. Remember, however, to use it in moderation.

Geriatric statistics from 2019 revealed that 23% of seniors aged sixty and above had GERD. One year later, the numbers jumped to 35%, although this time around, the prevalence was among 65 and 75-year-olds. Fast forward to 2022, and GERD is one of the most reported digestive complaints among patients aged 65 years and above. From the statistics, you can safely assume that the condition’s prevalence has been rising since 2019. Therefore, as a senior, it would be advisable to stay well-informed about the symptoms of GERD.


Aids in Fading Age Spots and Diminishing Wrinkles

ACV is acid and must be used minimally. On a more positive note, though, it contains alpha hydroxy acids, which are excellent for aging skin. It works by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the production of new ones. ACV has been tested for its exfoliating and fading properties and is known to lighten the appearance of spots. Dermatologists recommend applying ACV on the skin with care.

Mix a small portion of the solution with olive oil before applying it to your skin. The olive oil helps prevent drying of the skin after use. In the absence of olive oil, you can dilute the vinegar with water to lessen the harsh acidic effects. For quicker results, it is best to do this when going to sleep at night. Leaving it on overnight allows better absorption. This is also a better choice for people who want more natural alternatives to facial toners and anti-wrinkle products.


There are many more health benefits to consuming apple cider vinegar such as alleviating toothache and using it as an antifungal so do your research.  It also makes for a great ingredient in natural household cleansers. 

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