Have You Thought about an Unconventional Wedding Location?

Whether the church you were considering is booked on your chosen wedding date or you’ve decided to choose a less-conventional location to hold your nuptials, consider a variety of venues that will suit the style and size of your event. The perfect setting will not only set the tone but also help you create amazing memories on your special day.

Head Outside

Host a wedding with a refreshing pastoral feel by choosing a gorgeous park or other outdoor settings. Farms, orchards, beaches, and golf course wedding venues will all enable you to exchange vows in the fresh air and sunshine. Select a location that also has a dedicated indoor space or covered area so you can head inside for the reception if you’d prefer or as a backup in case of inclement weather.

Appreciate Art

Art galleries, museums, and sculpture gardens can give your wedding a refined, yet colorful setting. Though larger facilities may feature dedicated ballrooms to hold ceremonies, others may allow you to exchange vows right in front of the artwork. Smaller galleries may also accommodate your nuptials, but you may have to cut down your guest list to fit within the compact venue. Imagine the photos.

Feel Amused

For a fun spin on a wedding space, contact the amusement parks in your area to research their offerings. Zoos, aquariums, carnivals, and even bowling alleys can generate a lively and entertaining atmosphere for your ceremony and reception. Some locations allow marriages to actually take place on a roller coaster, while others enable you to exchange vows surrounded by serene, wall-to-wall fish tanks.

Go Rustic

When looking for a rustic setting for your nuptials, consider researching antique stores in your area. Some feature large showrooms with warm-looking wood beams, brick or aging metals with a beautiful patina that become unique backgrounds for photos. Shop owners will often clear an area to accommodate the wedding party and a small number of guests. For larger events, some have outdoor spaces that also serve as gorgeous backdrops areas with a country feel or you can go all out and opt for a barn. Barns make excellent venues for large wedding parties and provide beautiful scenery for photos.


Be Sporty

If you’re a fan of an athletic team, a particular sport or your college alma mater, consider holding your wedding at a stadium. Smaller venues allow ceremonies to take place right on the field, while others have banquet spaces indoors with vast windows that overlook the grounds. Even professional teams often allow the bride and groom to have photos taken on the home field or court.



A unique wedding venue enables you to showcase your interests, style, and tastes in a way that a more traditional one might not. Your wedding needs to be as special and unique as you are.  Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary, Choose a location that represents you and your life together. This is your day and you want to ensure you’ll remember it fondly for years to come.


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