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Go! Such a small word that can be packed with so much meaning.  Interesting to think about how so much meaning can be packed into two little letters of the alphabet.

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“Go!” Alicia screams throwing the champagne glass across the room. She had found the letters from Zack’s mistress.

“Go! Go! Go!” Mom cheers from the sidelines as I run with all my might down the soccer field toward the goal.

“Go!” He shouted at her as they ran out of the bank. It was some perverted game of Bonnie and Clyde but she was really the victim.

“Go!” The shot was fired and the race had begun.


Thinking about Go made me think about a group with two, two letter words as a name – Ok Go. They might not be the most musically awesome group but their videos are simply amazing.  Here is one I thought I would share


Now it’s your turn.  Can you think of a two letter word that conveys a great deal of meaning?

Let me know in the comments below.


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7 thoughts on “Go!”

  1. No? As in seriously
    Nooooooo! As the dog pees on the floor?
    No! As in say NO to drugs…
    Noooooo. Screaming…When your team loses the Super Bowl with an interception in the end zone.

  2. I would like you to do more posts like this. Fun to read and thought provoking. Came back to see what others said. Was hoping for more of the same.

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