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Giving Yourself An Aging Check Up


It’s only natural for our health to deteriorate as we age. However, we don’t have to settle for the ‘declining gracefully’ narrative because we live much better cleaner lives now. Aging doesn’t have to involve drastic decreases in quality of life. There are multiple ways you can, in fact, improve your life as you get older. Coupled with greater financial independence to afford better healthcare, you have better dieting and exercising information. The knowledge required to live a longer life is right at your fingertips. It’s by no means an impossibility to add on more years to your life by making some changes to your lifestyle right now. But knowing where to begin and for what reasons, is half the battle. Start off by giving yourself a check-up at home and going from there.



Flexibility and strength


One of the most notable downsides to aging is the lack of flexibility. Your tendons, muscles, and joints become more rigid over time. However, we have much better diets and treatments nowadays. So unlike decades gone by, you can turn back time and regain your flexibility and strength. To be sure you need to take this course of action, there are a few tests you can do at home. Buy yourself a tension or resistance band, and do a couple of these exercises. Lash the band around a solid pillar or post and grabbing the handles with both hands, stand upright and rotate your arms in the opposite direction. Keeping your arms straight, you should feel your shoulder blades, shoulder joints and wrists feel. If they’re unable to keep their shape and flex towards the band under tension, you need to improve your flexibility and strength in these areas. Do similar tests for your legs, hips, knees and so on.



Pressure in your chest


It’s a stereotypical aspect of growing old but it’s still valid today. Feeling a slight pressure in your chest is something many aging people will admit to. It might just be gas, it might be high blood pressure or it could be something else. It’s important for women to give themselves regular check-ups at home. Simply run your hand over your chest and bosom to see if you find any abnormal bumps. Here are some breast cancer facts which you read that could help you identify anything suspicious. Many people believe that only older people can get cancer, but that’s simply a myth. Anyone at any age can get cancer, so don’t count yourself out of woods if you’re below 60.



Your gut feeling


As you age your gut will become under more stress as your own stomach acid will cause a few discomforting issues. To test if your gut is still strong and able, try eating salads with acidic dressings such as lemon or balsamic vinegar. If you don’t feel gaseous or slightly bloated, you might have a gut that’s still strong and healthy. You may also want to seek out a gut microbiome test.  The test results can help in creating the ideal balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your diet. Once you know where the imbalance lies, you will strive to include food items that show higher compatibility with your metabolism

Currently, there is a great deal of research into how your gut microbiome changes as you age and how aging can be reversed or slowed by using transplanted gut bacteria. Researchers have established that “changes in the microbiome modulate some of your aging processes. You can point fingers at gut bacteria for changes in immunity, loss of muscle tone, and declining cognitive function as you age.” As this research into gut health continues we are learning exactly how important gut bacteria is to the human ecosystem.

These small check-ups are something every aging person should do. They cost next to nothing, but you’re able to understand which parts of your body might need help in the near future. 


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  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    The strength and stamina are areas where I have to fight for it. That’s where I need work.

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