Give Your Dining Space A Face Lift

It happens every day, mealtime, it has become the norm in some households for kids to go and eat in their rooms and adults to sit around the TV and eat and watch shows without engaging much in conversation. That is perfectly fine on occasion but sitting around the dinner table, catching up, and enjoying great food is a wonderful pastime. It is really a great tradition to keep alive. Family mealtimes were a must in my house when my children were younger and when we all gather now it’s usually around a table creating more memories. 

I have found that since my nest is empty, the dining table has become a clutter catcher and I don’t use it as often when it’s just the two of us here.  I think it’s time for a revamp of that room into something we might actually use on a daily basis instead of only when the family gathers for holidays.


We all want a cozy living space to come home to after a long day and somewhere nice to enjoy our evening meal. Here are some things you can replace or add to make it more aesthetically pleasing and an inviting place to sit down and enjoy some delicious home-cooked meals. 




Whether they are real or artificial, doesn’t really matter but it makes any space instantly look more homely and gives a bit of life to the room. You can use them to add a pop of color with some red Roses or colored Orchids. You can also go for some classics like Lilies or Hydrangeas. Whatever your preference make sure you add them to the shopping list for your next trip. 


New Plates And Cutlery


Every so often, our plates become chipped, and our cutlery gets scuffed, leaving everything looking a bit of a mess. Replacing them with a new set can make a significant difference, bringing a fresh and exciting vibe to your dining experience. Imagine the thrill of plating up a delicious meal on pristine dishes and sitting down to enjoy it with your loved ones.

To amp up the sophistication and make your table setting look restaurant-worthy, consider opting for gold-colored cutlery and black plates. This combination adds a touch of elegance and modern flair. Additionally, improve your dining experience with decorative placemats. These can complement your new tableware, adding an extra layer of style and protection to your dining table.


Replace The Dining Table


Again, these wear and scuff over time, so it is probably time to invest in a new one. White dining tables are a perfect option as they can go with any room color scheme and can be easily adaptable for holidays and occasions by adding centerpieces, table runners, and things like candles to make your table stand out. They also make the room appear cleaner and more open.

The table is the centerpiece of the dining room so make sure you get a table that is worthy of that position.  Maybe you’re a master carpenter and you want to make an amazing table out of reclaimed timber and epoxy or maybe you’re not that handy and you want to check out some bespoke custom-made dining tables and have someone else do the work. Either way, you want to make sure you get a table that reflects your style.


 The Heart Of The Table


Introduce something for the center of the table for everyday meals whether that is some flowers or candles, they will help create a nice ambiance and bring the whole room together to seem more homely. Candlesticks are also perfect for date night as well with dimmed romantic lights, and a romantic meal on the table so you can have some quality time together. 


Gallery Or Feature Wall


Make the room stand out with one of the walls being an eye-catching addition to the room. Paint it a bold color like teal or a deep purple or you can turn it into a gallery wall which can be of art, images, or photos of your family. They really can add that perfect touch to the room to make it stand out and be somewhere you want to spend your time.


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