Gifts For Your Fat Sister


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I’m the fat sister I’m referring to hint hint to my brother and sisters!!



Society+ Premium Tutu - Red
This tutu will go with everything! Tutu also available in black



Lucy 2-in-1 Stretchy Lace Midi Top - Black
This top would go great with the tutu you are buying me or this Leopard Pencil Skirt



Chevonne Maxi Wrap Dress - Black
This wrap dress would be so perfect, It will totally show off my waist!


Jessica Kane Keyhole Pleated High Low Skater - Black
Oh this would be perfect for the Christmas party! And look, it has pockets!!  Someone buy me this for my Birthday, Reminder it is December 7th!!

Better yet give me a Gift e-Card and I’ll get lots of stuff!

$25 Gift e-Card $50 Gift e-Card $100 Gift e-Card


Hope yall enjoyed my little tongue in cheek gift guide but these would totally work for your fat sister too or you can pretend I’m your fat sister and buy them for me.😉


Here are some offers from a few of my favorite shops.



 $60 Coupons & a free gifts for App New Customers


What would you buy your sister?


Did you see this?

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  1. Evelyn, when I saw this post title on #SundaysBest, how could I resist such a non-PC title?! 😀 You are hilarious! Pretty dresses. I hope your sibs get the hint. Happy December!

    1. My daughter actually wrote that post. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Stopping by from Sunday’s Best. I had to check out this post. My initial reaction was OMG, this can’t be what I think it is. Lol, yep it is. I love the tutu and the black and white dress. I hope you get your wish!

  3. So glad y’all liked this! I thought it would be kinda funny mainly because I have always been the fat sister even when I was much smaller. I love that I can find clothes that fit my style now it use to be so hard to find clothes I liked. No more stretch pants and baggy shirts thanks to the fat acceptance movement.

  4. I love the dress with a tutu.

  5. I’m the fat sister of five sisters…..accepting all food gifts.

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