Getting Yourself Ready For The Challenges Of College

When it comes to carving out your own career, making sure you’ve got all the qualifications you need under your belt, finding easy access to relative experience and great networking contacts etc., college is one of the best ways to do it. It’s the lifestyle everyone prepares for throughout high school, and what people like to complain the most about on social media, so it’s clear it’s a very popular way to get ahead as well.


But being ready for college and actually going to college are two different things, and you’ve got to be prepared to survive all on your own. So now’s the time to really ask yourself the question:

Am I ready to go to college?

Here are a few of the challenges you’ll have to face.



Getting Enough Sleep


Sleep is one of the main things we can’t do without, the others being food and water, so make sure your sleep schedule is always a priority. All-nighters sound all well and good when you’re panicking about the final you’ve got tomorrow or the term paper you haven’t even started yet, but getting some sleep will make sure you’re absolutely ready to get these things done, and done well. You can use aromatherapy to wind down and get ready for sleep. 


Going Out vs. Getting Work Done


It’s going to be a struggle throughout your entire life, but mostly when you’re in college. All your friends want you to come along to a party and let loose with them, but you’ve got an essay to write and only 12 hours to do it in. What do you do? Hopefully, head to the library and get the essay written, even if you’re wrapped up in a duvet in a public setting. After all, maintaining a balance of work and play is going to be hard, but if you’ve got priorities straight, it won’t be impossible. One way to make sure you get everything done is to have a good planner to keep all your dates and assignments straight. 




Getting Along with a Roommate


You either love them or you hate them, or you like spending time with them, just ‘not right this minute Debby, I’m studying!’ But you can get along with this person, as long as you accept each other’s boundaries and are willing to work together. One day you’ll thank them for the social aspect they kept in your life!


If You’re Not Ready…


Don’t force yourself. Take a gap year or if you’re like me a gap 10 years.

College doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s something you’re not obligated to attend by any means; yes it’s the most traditional way to obtain your qualifications, but it’s not the only way out there.


Find yourself an apprenticeship with a local union, get some work experience as an intern, attend a vocational school, or learn online with programs like an online electrical engineering degree. College never has to be the be all, end all for your career dreams! So if you’re not ready then now is the time to reassess your goals, take that gap year, or learn a trade. You can always attend college later. 

College is a huge undertaking, make sure you’re ready!

What is your advice for first-time college students?



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  1. what a great post. The two things that I told my kids was to make sure they rinse their toothpaste out of the sink and clean out any hair they leave in the shower, tub, or sink. I roomed with a student that had thick dark hair. It grossed me out that I would find hair everywhere. Weird advice, but it was what bugged me when I was at school. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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