Fun Ways To Spend More Time Outside

Spending more time outdoors can provide you with so many benefits, from the health-boosting fresh air revitalizing your lungs to the vitamin-D-rich sunshine gently warming your skin, but many people find it difficult to get outside for more than a few minutes each day. Thankfully this guide contains a variety of brilliant ideas that you can make the most of to spend more time outdoors, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today! So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on. 


Exercise Outdoors


A great way to spend less time indoors is by exercising outside, and there are so many sports and workout ideas that you can pursue away from the comfort of your home. For starters, there’s sure to be a variety of professional outdoor activities that you can join in, from water aerobics in a lido (outdoor swimming pool), nature-inspired yoga or pilates, and even high-impact exercise like circuit training with a personal trainer. Signing up for one of these classes can encourage you to get outdoors on a regular basis as they’ll likely happen frequently, often once or twice weekly, so you’ll get into a good routine of heading out regularly. If you don’t want to spend money to exercise outdoors then don’t fret, as you can plan a run or walk around a local natural beauty spot totally free of charge. Just be mindful that the terrain can be a little harder to navigate outdoors, so keep your wits about you unless you want to have to get in touch with personal injury lawyers!  


Plan A Picnic


Another fun way to spend more time outdoors is by planning a picnic. The perfect picnic can encourage you to spend hours in the sun, and you’ll get to enjoy a tasty meal with friends or family, or even alone if you want some quiet time to reflect in your own company. Eating al fresco is said to be great for your health, and you don’t need anything fancy to enjoy a lovely afternoon. A simple sandwich and a few light snacks like fruit and other finger foods can keep you occupied, but you can choose to put on a luxurious spread if you want to make a real event of your picnic. Sitting on the grass with the wind in your hair and a tasty snack on your lap can make you feel like a child again, what’s not to love? 


Adopt A Dog


Adopting a dog can be such a rewarding way to spend more time outdoors, as they need daily walking or outdoor exercise to stay healthy, but they will love you for every opportunity you provide them to let off some steam! There are so many puppies out there that need a happy home, and if you take the time to adopt a dog then you will no doubt get outdoors more often than ever. Smaller dogs need less walking whereas larger dogs and lurcher or greyhound type breeds can walk for hours on end without getting tired, so bear this in mind when you adopt a dog. There are so many glorious dog-friendly walking routes that you can explore, so check online to see what’s available near you so that you can plan some great outdoor adventures with your new pup! 


Go Foraging


If you live in an area that’s rich in natural landscapes, then you might be able to explore foraging to spend more time outdoors! There are so many natural foods that you can source free of charge in locations that haven’t been affected by the industrial revolution, so it’s important that you can steer clear of any places close to big cities, manufacturers, or waste disposal units to ensure you won’t risk consuming contaminated food. If there’s a natural lake, mountain, or forest near you then this is the ideal environment for foraging! You can find herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, nuts and so much more, but you must make sure you know what you’re eating before you put it anywhere near your plate. It’s very important to recognize an edible vs poisonous mushroom as well as berries you may encounter.    Returning home after a day outdoors foraging with a big basket of free, fresh, natural food to chow down on can be so gratifying. 

Spending more time in the great outdoors has never been such a simple task when you can utilize some of the brilliant ideas that have been carefully detailed above. There’s no time like the present to get started, so what are you waiting for? 

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