Fashion Tips for Women over 60


Every woman should be able to feel and look their best whatever age they are. Outer beauty is, of course, nothing without inner beauty. And this inner beauty often shines through when you are feeling confident and empowered by what you wear. Looking good and dressing well makes you feel like a million dollars. As you and age and your body changes, it can be a challenge to be fashionable. What may have suited you when you were twenty will not necessarily flatter you now.



There are some basic guidelines when it comes to dressing for your age, but you don’t have to follow any of it.  If you like it and you feel good wearing it then rock that look. 



Think about how you can show off your personality through fashion.  Fashion is an art form, express yourself through clothing and accessories. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors- but find the colors that suit your complexion. Equally, experimenting with prints and textures may lead you to find a statement outfit that you just love wearing.



Toss anything that is no longer serving you, and keep hold of vintage pieces that age well. Most of all, don’t forget that the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in your outfit choice. After all, it is a reflection of your personality.   


Have fun make bold color choices, experiment with new styles. Fashion is supposed to be fun.




Play up your assets.  If you have long legs, show them off with a short skirt or some skinny jeans. Beautiful eyes, wear colors that make them stand out.  Got a nice tight yoga butt then, by all means, show it off in a cute pair of yoga pants. 



For some more great tips check out this infographic.


Infographic designed by Budget Fashionista

6 thoughts on “Fashion Tips for Women over 60”

  1. I loved creating content on my 1st blog: De Divah Deals – Fashion and Fun After Fifty because of the outfits I put together. Oftentimes, we as women 50+ don’t know what makes them look good.

    Thanks for sharing #trafficjamweekend

  2. I agree that if it feels good, wear it. I like an older lady that wears things that raise a few eyebrows, lol.

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