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Everyone Needs a Handwritten Letter


I need to write more. My handwriting is starting to look atrocious and my hand cramps up when I write more than a sentence or two. In my youth, everyone always commented on how beautiful my handwriting was. I wrote with a flair for calligraphy.

Computers are ruining the fine art of penmanship. I hear they are wanting to do away with cursive writing altogether. Many schools have done away with handwriting classes and replaced them with keyboarding classes. What a shame. I miss handwritten letters, especially love letters.

I remember how exciting it was as a child when a letter came addressed to me.  My aunts would send me letters randomly because it made me so happy to get mail. Once I was old enough to write letters of my own, I signed up with the Big Blue Marble to get pen pals.  I had a pen pal from Isreal, one from France, and one from Trinidad.  I was so amazed that we could make friends all over the world through writing letters. It was also a great way to learn a foreign language. Written letters opened up my world to lots of new experiences.


Me in high school in 1984.


Some of my fondest memories in Junior High and High School were passing notes in school.  Do kids even do that anymore or do they just text? I still have some of those letters that we wrote with different color pens and drawing little pictures before folding them up in that specific way that school notes had to be folded.  I remember slipping anonymous notes into a boy’s locker you liked and hiding around the corner to watch his reaction when he read it. I also remember how much trouble we would get into if a parent or a teacher found a note. We would devise ways to write in code or find new ways of passing notes undetected during class. We passed MASH and slam books around and spent nights writing in diaries. It seemed that life revolved around writing.



Here’s a fun idea, write your best friend an old school note.  Fold it up high school style and pass it to them at your next meeting.

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There is a group of people who are reviving the art of writing.  The planners and scrapbookers have brought a new interest to calligraphy and hand lettering. Some of them have set up letter exchanges called Happy Mail, where letters are handwritten, decorated with great detail, and contain little surprises.  Maple Post is a blog dedicated to all things snail mail from postcard swaps to pen pals. If you are interested in swapping some Happy Mail or finding a pen pal, you can find mail swap groups to join on Facebook.


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I love getting mail so if you want to send me some Happy Mail or a postcard of your favorite destination, here is my mailing address. Be sure and include your Instagram name if you want me to share a picture of it on my Instagram.



Writing is a magical thing. When you write a letter you are sharing a little part of your soul. There is a magic that flows from the soul to the paper through the tactile act of writing. The soul flows through the giving hand throw the ink and onto the paper. They say the eyes are windows to the soul but the pen is the voice and poetry is the heart.


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Surprise your love with a handwritten love letter.  Fill it with poetry from the heart and professions of eternal love. Seal it with a kiss, spritz it with perfume and send it in the mail.

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When was the last time you received a love letter?

Have you written a letter lately?


11 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Handwritten Letter”

  1. Handwritten letters are becoming more and more uncommon these days! There is something so special about receiving a letter that was not bought at a store.

  2. You are certainly right Evelyn. I keyboard these days more than I actually write and my once beautiful writing is out of practice and so sloppy.

  3. I sort of agree but on the other hand I’m just as guilty of this as everyone else. We’re living in more and more of an instant society each day and taking the time out to do something like handwriting a letter, as brief and as light as it is, starts to feel like manual labor.

  4. I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree. Handwritten letters in general, too! There’s something so truly intimate and ~special~ about receiving a [love] letter… and in my opinion, the same can be said for ~writing~ a letter as well.
    Thank you for writing/”writing” about this– it served as a wonderful and much-needed reminder for me.

  5. Nothing ever beats the pen and paper. I wish I could master the art of calligraphy!
    I’m going to skip the Hallmark card and make my own this year & give it a spritz of perfume for good measure. 🙂


  6. Handwriting really adds that special touch. Don’t let your “atrocious” handwriting stop you from putting pen to paper. Too much we really on email or texts, but sometimes getting an actual handwritten letter can really touch someone.

  7. I love a handwritten letter, when my husband and I were dating he used to write me handwritten letters all the time..I miss those. also it’s just so unique not like going to Hallmark and have a card that someone else might have also..I don’t do handwritten letters because sometimes I’m not so good with grammar.

  8. A personal note or letter is such a nice and meaningful thing that isn’t seen very often anymore. I do put little notes in lunches or around the house for my fiance’ sometimes.

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