Every Face Tells A Story


Every face tells a story and today Elle was shopping for a new one. She had found a box of old photos and created a collage of faces. Now she just had to decide on which face she would become. It wasn’t hard, it was just a matter of acquiring and then slipping on the new face. Putting on a new face was like putting on a hat or some makeup. The nanotechnology embedded in her DNA enable her facial bones to reconfigure themselves to fit the skin. It was amazing how easy it was to become someone new now. 

She held the collage in her hand focusing her gaze on 23. What a pretty face 23 had. Checking her notes she saw that 23 had her photo taken in Middlesex in 1922. She called Jacques with the details. Now all she had to do was wait while Jacques retrieved the face. Such a pretty young face. Elle could do wonders with a face like that. 



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