Eating Habits That Could Be Harming Your Health

When you’re fully self-sufficient and providing for yourself, it’s logical that you’ll want to eat whatever the hell you want, and who wouldn’t? There’s a reason our parents told us to eat our vegetables, not snack before a meal, and always eat at the table instead of hunched in front of the TV. What if I told you that some of your eating habits could actually be having a negative impact on your health? Check out some of the mistakes you’re making when it comes to your eating habits, and learn how to make positive changes.


Consuming food too quickly

We’ve all been guilty of eating too quickly at some point in our lives. You know those times when you’ve been daydreaming about your food for hours and then when it’s finally done, you simply want to wolf it down in one sitting? We’ve all done it, yet it’s really harmful to our health! Did you know that it takes time for your brain and stomach to communicate with one another, which might result in overeating? Aside from that, eating too quickly might result in stomach problems such as heartburn, indigestion, GERD, and even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). These ailments can be debilitating, so it’s important to take your time when eating. This guide on “is ibs a disability” is really helpful if this is something you’re struggling with.



To remedy this problem, try savoring every bite you take. You can also let your brain catch up with your stomach by putting down your knife and fork in between mouthfuls. You’ll notice that you don’t consume as much food and that you don’t feel bloated for hours afterward. Additionally, you should eat only until the sensation of hunger subsides, rather than until you’re full. Large amounts of food are tough for the body to digest, so even if you eat an additional meal or two every day, your body will appreciate it!


Eating when and where you shouldn’t

Finally, it’s all too easy to come home exhausted from a hard day, throw something in the microwave, and settle in for the night like a couch potato. However, factors such as how quickly you eat, where you sit, and what time you eat can all contribute to stomach discomfort. The body doesn’t digest things as well as it should while it’s getting ready to sleep because it begins to relax, slowing it down. Similarly, if you do not sit up straight when eating, your body relaxes and is unable to process food properly. It’s best to eat your evening meal as soon as possible, and make sure you sit at a table or at least up straight so your body can digest and then rest properly later on.


As you can see, there are numerous flaws in our eating habits that we all have. But, you can always make changes. If not for weight loss, then for a more comfortable and healthier way of life! What will you change?


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