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E is for Evelyn

I just had to share this poem today.  I couldn’t resist.



By Angela Wybrow


Her beautiful eyes
Are like opaque blue pearls.
Her fair hair hangs loose,
In light, delicate curls.

She is tall and slender,
And moves with elegance and grace.
There are lines of wisdom,
Blessing her once youthful face.

In her company,
You feel safe and sound.
In her soul, warmth and affection
Are constantly found.

Patience is a virtue,
So they often say.
She will wait forever,
Come what may.

She takes her time.
She is never rushed.
Her voice is like velvet.
Her tones are hushed.

She has such gentleness.
Her touch is light.
But, do her wrong,
And she’ll show her might.


Also here’s a very short film I found recently called Evelyn.


There is also a longer movie that I really like called Evelyn Here’s a trailer for it.


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