‌ ‌Downsize And Thrive: 3 Reasons Why Downsizing All Aspects Of Your Life Could Save Your Empty Nest


When the kids move out, many of us make the mistake of keeping hold of our family homes. We preserve their childhood bedrooms in true Hollywood style, even keeping those posters on the wall so that, at any moment, we’re ready to accept them back with open arms. Unfortunately, by the time your kids are reaching their thirties, forties, or beyond, the chances of their actually returning are slim. When that happens, this sentimentality goes from being touching to, in most cases, largely keeping you stuck in a situation that no longer suits you.


As such, instead of living in a kind of mausoleum to the family life that you spent so long adjusting to, downsizing in all aspects of your future could be the best possible thing for taking back control of your own destiny. And we’re going to consider why!


Helping you to look forward


If you’re struggling to fill spaces that were once rife with the laughter of children and family life, then you’re constantly going to have one eye on a past that, in most cases, altogether prevents you from thinking positively about the future. In reality, though, this is your time to regain a life where you’re the #1 priority. Only by choosing smaller investments with these purposes in mind, and leaving that past life behind you, can you truly begin to enter a new phase where you’re excited about embracing what the future has to offer, instead of dwelling on a lost past.


Buying you time to rediscover your passion


As well as helping you to look forward in practical terms, downsizing can also literally buy you the time to rediscover your passions. This is especially the case if you take the time to find a smaller house that’s entirely covered by the cost of your mortgage or get the best value for your trade where your bulky family vehicle is concerned. In both instances, increased lifestyle affordability could bring your retirement forward, or at least allow you to work part-time while you afford the hobbies you’ve never had time for previously. From a purely practical standpoint, the smaller size of a downsized home, in particular, saves you on time spent on chores so that, in the evenings especially, you’re far better able to indulge as you see fit. Plus, if you really want to take this rediscovered passion of yours to a new level, you could always consider relocating. Just picture being able to move to a rural area, in the woods, with an affordable home from Mobile Homes Direct 4 Less, it all sounds pretty wonderful, right?


Bringing you closer to your partner

It’s largely thought that marital satisfaction improves with an empty nest, but this closeness is unlikely if every aspect of your life is left so spacious that you barely even cross paths. By comparison, downsizing across the board quite literally brings you both closer together, making it far more likely that you’ll enjoy the cozy conversations and joint activities that perhaps weren’t a possibility when kids took up all of your time. 


Downsizing in the wake of an already significant lifestyle shift can seem daunting but, if these tips are anything to go by, it also has the potential to be the best possible way to enjoy your empty nest at long last. 


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