Don’t be a bad tourist! Avoid these mistakes when visiting New York City

Any native of any city will tell you that there’s nothing more frustrating than clueless tourists. They’re rude, inconsiderate, and often completely oblivious to how irritating they are. This is interesting, because often tourists say the same things about locals! 

If you’re planning on visiting NYC soon, it makes perfect sense to plan everything down to the very last detail. Where you’ll stay, what you want to see, the routes you’re going to take, and where and what you want to eat. However, visiting New York doesn’t just require you to make a strong itinerary, it also requires visitors to conduct a little research into the dos and don’ts of visiting this amazing metropolis.

It might sound a little pedantic but making yourself familiar with NYC faux pas will only enrich your experience and you’ll simply have a much better time. Here we’ll look at which mistakes you should avoid when visiting New York City. 

Look where you’re going

It goes without saying that there’s a lot to take in in NYC. And you won’t want to miss any of it. However, if you don’t look where you’re going, and you’re busy taking pictures, meandering meaninglessly and failing to walk with purpose, you’re going to get hurt – click the link to speak to a Bronx personal injury lawyer. You might trip over on the sidewalk, get hit by a car as you cross the street or even fall down a flight of underground steps! 

Share the space on the subway

If you decide to take the subway, be smart, and share the space. Don’t be that tourist who leans against the pole and doesn’t take their backpack off or that tourist who man spreads on the seats. If you’re sitting, put your bag on your lap – not the seat next to you!

Treat the homeless with respect

The homeless aren’t there so you can show people back home how many displaced people you saw in the city. Or so you can create an Instagram story of you being kind and caring in this cruel, cruel world while you drop change in their cup. Just be respectful. 

Not visiting an independent restaurant 

Ok, so depending on where you’re from you might want to experience the American menu of a famous fast-food chain. It’s great for one meal, but if you fail to look past the chain restaurants and big names, you’re missing out. Search for independent eateries and you’ll have a much better, authentic experience. You’re also helping to keep an independent restaurant in business! 

One of my favorites is Patsy’s.  It was a favorite of Frank Sinatra and has been a midtown staple since the 40s.  If you want some great Italian visit this family-owned restaurant.

And finally, pizza

If you’re going to try an authentic slice of cheese pizza, then don’t bother with a knife and fork. You’ve got to fold it and then eat it! 

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