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Does This Sauce Complement My Blog?

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is compliment/complement.

I have never thought of these two words together before. But now, now that I have thought about them and how they could accidentally be interchangeable in my writing, now I will over think them. Great! One more combination of words for me to over think while I am writing. As a matter of fact at this very moment my mind is thinking about all the times I have used those two words and if I have always used them correctly or not. I think that I have, being as I never thought of them as one of those interchangeable pairs like “vary and very” or “their and there” or the dreaded “your and you’re” that runs everyone crazy.

“That sauce complements the meal exquisitely. “

“You look amazing.”
“Why thank you for the compliment.”

No similarity not at all until now. Now I am over thinking it and questioning did I use the right one. This is how my mind works. I am happily doing what I do then something, some minor thing is pointed out to me and I start thinking about it. I start questioning myself about it. I start criticizing myself about over thinking it and then … the life of a perfectionist who writes.

Being a perfectionist, I will spend a great deal of time looking for the perfect picture to complement this post that is taking me a few minutes to write. Love just flowing with the Stream of Consciousness. Just letting the word flow out onto the page without much thought. Yes, I try to turn off my over thinking perfectionist mind when I do these SoCS exercise. It helps on so many levels. I write the post, check the spelling and then let it go out into the world after I have spent time finding or creating the perfect picture. I do let myself obsess over the picture but not the writing. I am learning slowly, to let it go. Great now that song is playing in my head. Your welcome because now it is playing in yours.

Be sure and leave me some compliments in the comments because all us writers love compliments. Until next Saturday… Let it go. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Does This Sauce Complement My Blog?”

  1. Hahahaha! I actually laughed out loud because you’re right. I’ve got “Let It Go” stuck in my head now. 😛
    I hate it too when I find out I might have been using a word incorrectly. But that’s what being able to search a document is for, right? Good thing since my manuscript is currently sitting at 161K words. 😛
    Thanks very much for participating in SoCS!! 😀

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