Do Your Hearing Aids Need Repairing? Signs To Look Out For With Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are extremely useful devices that improve your ability to hear and, as a result, your quality of life. Hearing aids can be used at any age, from your senior years to your child’s early years. These devices, which your audiologist may offer, are unfortunately very fragile and may require repair in the future. It is critical to maintain and care for your devices in order to avoid damage. The following are the most common signs that your hearing aids need to be repaired.


Physical damage

It’s possible that your hearing aid has been damaged. While it may appear minor, physical damage to these devices can cause major issues. The tube that connects the outer and inner pieces, for example, could be a problem. The sound will not travel at all if this is destroyed. As a result, you’ll need to replace or repair the tube. Your audiologist will be able to schedule you in for a repair and another hearing aid fitting. It’s also possible that the device hook has snapped or is severely worn. In both cases, you’ll need to consider getting it fixed. After all, the hook is what allows the device to attach to your ear. It’s an essential piece of hearing aid hardware.

Weird noises

While the hearing aid may turn on, it will most likely make a noise you don’t want to hear if it needs to be repaired. The noise could be something unusual, from ringing to white noise or static. It all depends on the problem with the hearing aid. This could be a sign of a low battery. As a result, it could be a more complex issue, and you should discuss a possible repair with your audiologist. If you don’t get the device fixed, the buzzing or any noise it produces will become very annoying.

They switch off on their own

One of the most obvious signs that your hearing aids need repair is changing the batteries without solving the issue. As a result, they may turn off at random times throughout the day. It’s possible that they won’t be turned on at all. It’s likely that this is due to a problem with the battery or the device itself. This is why you should always check the battery before getting a repair. If you don’t check your batteries first, you could be spending money where you don’t need to.

Ear wax build-up

Finally, you may discover that your hearing aid is covered in earwax. There may be earwax buildup in the tubing and around the small bits – which is perfectly normal! Earwax is a completely natural process. The ear pushes the wax out of the canal and ensures that any harmful dirt or oil is removed from the ear canal. Earwax can be removed with a soft, wet cloth. If this does not solve the problem, see your audiologist to have your hearing aids repaired.


You may notice other signs that your hearing aid isn’t working properly, and anything out of the ordinary should be checked by your audiologist to ensure it’s in good working order.


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  1. Thanks for stating how an obvious sign that your hearing aids need to be repaired is if they randomly turn off during the day. My younger brother mentioned that his hearing aids have started to switch off at random times. I will recommend that he find a reliable service that can repair the issue and get his hearing aids back to good working condition.

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